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Are Essential Oils Safe And Effective As A Mosquito Repellent

Keeping your little one out of harm’s way is quite essential especially at such a young age. Their immune system is still weak so being safe is the wiser option. Mosquitoes spread a lot of infections and this can be dangerous as they’re almost everywhere.

Topical mosquito repellent

Using topical mosquito repellents such as creams and sprays may not be such a good idea as they contain chemicals that are quite harsh on the skin. A newborn’s skin, in particular, is very sensitive. It may also cause allergies or rashes that could be quite irritable for your child.

In case you do use these creams or sprays, don’t apply too much in the hope that it’ll stay longer. Creams tend to wash off fast but applying too much could just cause more harm to your baby’s skin. Instead, keep applying it at regular intervals on the exposed areas.

Essential oils

Essential oils are known to be quite effective as mosquito repellents. They can actually be used as a bug repellent in general. Scents like lemongrass, neem and eucalyptus are strong and linger for longer.

Floral scents may be pleasant for the household but they tend to attract more mosquitoes rather than repel them.

However, there are certain precautions to take even while using essential oils.

How to use essential oils

Make sure that they don’t come in direct contact with your baby’s skin. It is usually not recommended to apply essential oils on children below the age of two. Use it when your baby is in a bigger space or environment so that they don’t inhale too much of it. You could put a few drops on the bedsheet of your child’s crib, on the area away from their nose or face. It could be very strong if inhaled directly. A few drops in their laundry water may also do the trick.

For your household, try placing a diffuser in the room. This spreads the fragrance to the whole house, leaving it smelling fresh at all times. You could also add a few drops to the water while mopping floors.

Other precautions

Essential oils should be used as an added precautionary measure against bugs and mosquitoes. You should make sure that your baby is covered, leaving the least amount of skin exposed. Use mittens and socks to keep more skin under wraps. Also, try opting for looser clothing as mosquitoes can bite through tight fitted clothes. Brighter colours tend to attract fewer mosquitoes than dark colours. 

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