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Are Chocolates Harmful For Kids?

Chocolates aren’t bad for your children, but they aren’t good either. As a parent you need to keep a keen eye on whatever your child eats. They need a proportionate amount of every kind of food. While a small quantity of chocolate is perfectly fine, you need to know how much of this quantity is okay for your child.

Dark chocolate is ideal for your child as there is low sugar and caffeine content. This gives your child the needed amount of energy. Dark chocolate is known to help increase the blood flow and reduce bad cholesterol. If tooth decay is your concern, dark chocolate is not a very big contributor to it. It also has the ability to fight against immunity suppressing cells.

Chocolate in controlled amounts can help in the complete development of your child, but only if you know when to stop. Chocolate is a major contributor to an energy boost. Making sure that you give your child a little chocolate during play time or in the morning channels energy into games. Refrain from allowing your child to eat chocolates before bedtime.

There are a few cons of giving your child chocolate as well. Since chocolates are energy-dense foods, your child has a tendency of putting on weight that could affect their heart in the future. Some chocolates are rich in saturated fats. If these are eaten over a long period of time or regularly they can cause an increase in cholesterol level. Older children may have a better capacity of burning these fats, but make sure it is given to them in moderate amounts.

On the other hand, your baby's tummy can handle only so much food. Chocolates contain fat and sugar. Try and avoid encouraging chocolate for your toddler below the age of two. You can give your baby chocolates - but only on rare occasions so as to avoid any sort of complications. 

Some children are born lactose intolerant, so it is best to avoid chocolates until they can verbally phrase out their feelings. Lactose intolerance can easily be mistaken for diarrhea. It is best to take the necessary precautions before you go ahead with this. Your baby is sure to love the taste of chocolate. Just make sure you do not go overboard looking at the joy on their face!  

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