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When my baby completed 6 months, first three days I gave rice water and then three days dal water. Then I gave apple puree for 3 days. The detailed steps are mentioned below for all wonderful new moms.

1. Buy fresh and sweet apples. I prefer local apples rather than imported ones.

2. Wash and peel the apples. The apples will be having a wax coating which is injurious to babies. So peel its skin properly.

3. Core the apples and cut into one-inch cubes. Remember to remove the hard parts in the core entirely. It will be difficult to digest.

4. Steam the apple in a steamer. Steaming will preserve all nutrients.

5. Boil in a closed vessel if the steamer is not available.

6. Apple should be cooked until its soft like butter.

7. For 6 month bay, grind the apple in the mixer. Otherwise, you can mash the apples.

8. Serve it immediately when it's lukewarm. Baby will love it!!

If you find this recipe useful and would like to know more baby recipes, please message me the recipe name. I would be happy to share the recipes that I know.

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