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Aphrodisiacs For Your Low Sex Drive Post Pregnancy

Postpartum your sex drive takes a dip. Though, do not worry about not being in the mood. You have successfully managed to push out an entirely human and it is quite common to feel unappealing. Your sex drive will come back on your list of priorities in time. If you want to, surprise your partner with a romantic night postpartum in the off chance that you see signs of him feeling left out in the hustle and bustle of you cuddling your baby.It is normal for you to have questions postpartum about which product might be good for you as a new mother. The thought that a product might cause you to stop lactating or might be harmful to your baby while breastfeeding is bound to pop up. We’re here to offer you alternatives that may work far better that these products.Here are a few aphrodisiacs that can boost your sex drive without causing any side effects to your newborn.

1. Chocolates

It has been considered an aphrodisiac and has proven to especially work for the same purpose among women. Chocolates are not only a safe food item that can help as an aphrodisiac but can also be shared with your partner to add to your bedroom fun.

2. Almonds

They are not only known for their Vitamin E content that is an apt food for brain development but is also known to up your sexual desires. Be assured that the almonds are doing your baby good too.

3. Strawberries

These pretty fruits are natural components of Vitamin C that can boost your desire for intimacy. Strawberries can work wonders post pregnancy in the likelihood that your partner wants to have a night of intimacy.

4. Avocado

It is the best pregnancy food in the market that does well to both you and your baby. While you are able to satisfy your partner's needs, it leaves you feeling refreshed. This wonder fruit is enriched with Vitamins B6, E, and C, and is rich in fiber and potassium, working wonders in the bedroom!

5. Asparagus

This healthy green vegetable that has immense nutrients that add to your healthy diet while also boosting your sex drive.

6. Banana

The fruit has been symbolized as a fruit for fertility. It is known for its naughty components, such as Vitamin C and potassium, which raise the much-needed sex drive postpartum

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