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Another Reason to Quit Drinking Coffee During Pregnancy

Coffee is amazing! It tastes great, smells great, and is oh-so-addictive because it gives you a nice kick and helps you feel awake and happy. So much so that we feel like we need at least a cup a day - usually, more. Yet, despite how delicious and great coffee feels, we know it is bad for us if we have too much of it, especially if you’re pregnant.

Coffee During Pregnancy?

Enough and more has been said about not consuming caffeine during pregnancy, and the risk it poses to the baby’s health. They’re enough reason to drink minimal amounts of coffee when pregnant. Most women try their best to avoid it altogether, and with good reason.

The effects of your pregnancy lifestyle affect you and your baby in the long run. New reports claim that drinking coffee during pregnancy can increase your child’s risk of being overweight/obese during preschool or school years.

- The connection may not be direct, but it has made doctors and professionals restrict coffee all the more during pregnancy, to try and reduce the risk.

- This risk was also seen in women who had remained below the safe limit of caffeine consumption during pregnancy, which is less than 200mg a day.

The Professional’s Verdict

Childhood obesity is associated with the risk of diabetes and heart diseases when older. The reason for this link between coffee and your child’s weight is not clear as of now. What this does tell us is how important it is to nourish yourself with good food. Mothers should try avoiding the harmful things during a crucial time like pregnancy. This period is important in determining your child’s lifelong health. So, remember to also take care of yours during this special time!

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