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We’ve all heard the popular saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, and now, even rejected it because there may not be enough proof to back it up. And then we also had people saying that we should not eat eggs too often because they add to your cholesterol issues and lead to heart diseases, but guess what?

In a study, reportedly published in the journal Heart, eating an egg a day can actually do the opposite of what you fear! The study found that people who ate one egg a day had a lower risk of developing heart diseases. They also had a lower risk of bleeding-related stroke and clot-related stroke!

Why You Should Eat An Egg A Day

Eggs are actually high in HDL or Good Cholesterol, which helps fight atherosclerosis (build up of fat in blood vessels). Atherosclerosis increases the risk of heart diseases, so eating foods with good cholesterol and limiting bad cholesterol can be a good way to lower the risk of heart diseases.

Eggs are also a powerhouse or super-food, containing a range of proteins and nutrients like vitamins and minerals that you may not find in other foods, like selenium, a mineral you need in small quantities, that helps reduce cell damage and slow down aging.

Eggs are also good for healthy pregnancies as they contain amino acids that you and your baby need. They contain a mineral called choline, which are good for the baby’s brain development. However, be sure not to eat them raw or undercooked.

Recent research has shown that an egg a day can do wonders to improve your health. Of course, just because they’re good for you, doesn’t mean you should eat them in excess! Keep it to one or two eggs a day, along with a predominantly healthy, balanced diet! So do you eat an egg a day? Are you going to start now?

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