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Let’s face it, everybody loves continental food especially PASTA and it has become a popular food variety amongst little children. Remember the 100-volt smile on your child’s face when you tell them that you’re cooking pasta? Surprise them tonight with their favourite food with the following recipe:


-Penne Pasta

-½ cup carrot chopped

-½ cup bell peppers chopped

-½ cup broccoli florets

-¼ cup mushroom

-2 Tbsp oil

-¼ cup Maida

-Butter pack

-1 Cup milk




-Red chilli flakes


-Boil all the vegetables together and ensure that they’re not overly cooked.

-Boil one hand full of pasta in a vessel and add 2 tbsp salt and 2 tbsp oil in it.

-Cook pasta until it is soft and strain the water from it.

-Now take a saucepan and carefully saute all the boiled veggies with oil/ butter in it.

- Take a non-stick ware and melt ½ packet of butter and add ¼ cup of maida to it and stir continuously.

-Once you have a solid while paste add 1 cup milk to it and keep on stirring to avoid the formation of lumps.

-When you see the sauce getting thicker, add some salt, pepper and oregano to it and give it a nice quick stir.

- Quickly, take it off the stove and add the boiled veggies and pasta to the sauce.

-Stir this mixture and ensure that all the pasta has been covered with sauce.

Serve the alfredo pasta hot on a plate and watch your child’s eyes glitter with happiness!

Bon Appetit!

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