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Age By Age Guide To Buying Baby Gears

When we begin our journey as parents, we get all excited about the cute new member of the family. We start dreaming about what they would be like when they grow up. But for now, they are still babies and they depend on us for every little thing. It is our duty to help them grow. This is why we would do just anything we can in order to keep our precious little ones happy, safe and comfortable.

To make life as a new parent easier for you, we have prepared a guide to buying baby gears for your little one.

0-6 months

Newborn babies don’t know how to sit up yet. They spend all their time in mommy’s hands or lying flat down on the bed. A stroller is a great option for busy moms. They can be moved around as you continue to run errands and your baby can continue to sleep or play, safely inside the stroller. Newborns love looking at bright colours and patterns although they will not be able to see it properly yet. As for the strollers, you need to ensure that the stroller is comfortable as well as stable and sturdy.

This stroller by Luvlap comes with 3 point safety harness and 3 steps of reclining for sitting, resting and sleeping. It is easy to fold up and store away when not in use. It also comes with a shopping basket below where parents can carry the baby essentials. Click here if you want to buy this stroller.

When you are heading out for a drive, you can take your baby along with the help of a baby car seat. The car seat should be positioned to be facing the back of the car when the baby is small and can sleep in the chair (the chair has recliner settings). When the baby is older, the seat can be adjusted to front facing so that the baby can sit properly and see outside the car. Your baby will be just fine. If you want to order a car seat for your baby, click here. This car seat by Luvlap can be used for babies up to 15 months of age.

6-12 months

This is the right age to introduce them to walkers since they will start crawling and standing by the time they are about 7-9 months old. They would take their first steps after this. Make sure to get walkers that don’t restrict their movement or hurt your baby. Baby walkers come with toys attached as well, to keep your baby engaged and happy. Luvlap stroller (shown above) has a detachable toy with lights. It even plays music. Interested in ordering this? Click here.

At this age, your baby would be able to sit up straight and move around. Don’t want your baby to move around while you feed them? Time to get a high chair. It is an ideal choice since your baby will be able to have his/her meals while being seated at the same level as mom and dad. This high chair by Luvlap comes with a detachable food tray and can be converted into a desk and chair too - it grows as your baby grows! Click here if you want to buy it.

12-24 months

Baby carriers can be used from the time they are born up to when they are toddlers. Most babies like being carried around even if they know how to walk. This can be difficult when you have to carry a lot of grocery bags. Also, when your hands are full, you are probably not going to be able to stop them from running away from you. This would all be easier if you just strap your baby on yourself. Opt for a baby carrier that is comfortable for both you and the baby - like the one shown above. Want to order it now? Click here.

As for toys, toddlers absolutely love playing with blocks and push-pull toys. When they are old enough, you can introduce them to bigger toys like tricycles. The best option would be the Luvlap Trike shown above. When they are still under 15 months, you can use the handle to help push them along. When they are a bit older, they will be able to navigate it on their own. You can remove the handle then and continue to use it as long as they fit into it. Purchase this tricycle here.

If your toddler wants a car like mama and papa, then you could gift them this wonderful toy ride on. All they need to do is push the toy around with their legs. They will be able to navigate it with the steering wheel in the direction that they want to move. Sound exciting? Order it here!

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