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Activities for Kids Easy to Clean Up After

Activities for Kids Easy to Clean Up After

Parents want their children to engage in a lot of activities in order to be both productive and learn new things. We ourselves come up with a lot of ideas to keep our kids engaged, but give up most of them either because of the unavailability of all the necessary material or simply because they are too messy. Cleaning and tidying up after children are done playing is every parent’s nightmare.

Don’t limit your kids for such trivial reasons. Instead, look for options which are manageable, meaningful and activities that are not only fun but also easy to clean up after. Here are few such activities:

1. Overflowing button boxes.


Overflowing button boxes

Most of us have boxes full of missing and odd buttons in our homes. Pull out that overflowing button box and buy some string (you can even go for ribbons if the buttons are huge). Now ask your kids to string a couple of buttons together to make some funky patterns. They can make bracelets, necklaces and just about anything that they want to. What’s more? Cleaning up after will be quite easy.

2. Stone Faces.

Stone faces.

Ask your kids to pick out some distinct stones when you next take them to the beach or garden. If they can pick out some peculiar shapes, ones which are in different colors that is even better. Once you get home, wash these stones, dry them and then ask your kids to draw faces/designs on them with washable markers. They can draw owls, pigeons, parrots or whatever ‘faces’ they like!

3. Recycle your cardboard.

Recycle your cardboard

All of us come across a lot of cardboard in our day to day life - be it tissue roles or any recent purchase. Don’t throw these out. Instead, tape them with decorative tape or wrap them in gift paper. Your kids can then play with these as building blocks to make and break whatever structures they like. What is the best part? Your kids learn about recycling and taking care of the environment.

4. Gloves and Socks.

Gloves and Socks.

If you have some gloves or socks in your house that you do not use anymore, wash them and give them to your kids. Your kids can make stuffed figurines or puppets from these gloves and socks. They can stick some beads and buttons to make features such as eyes, ears, mouth, etc.

5. Charades.


Nowadays, a lot of mobile apps have come up for this particular game. Given how advanced our children are in terms of technology, we probably won’t even have to teach them how to play this game. Yet, if you don’t want to download an app and want to reduce the time that your child spends on screen, you can make placards and chits to play the good old action game.

6. Weaving and Drawing.

Weaving and Drawing

Kids are quite fond of ribbons, string and just about anything that is colorful as well as sparkles. You can give them some stationery (nothing too messy) and perhaps ask them to decorate their bedroom doors or the garden fence. Drawing and painting on a paper are too mundane. You can be rest assured that they will not only love but also welcome this novel idea!

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