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Activities for Boosting Self-Confidence in Children

Everything that you do, every word that you say and every feeling that you express towards your child contributes towards building their self-confidence, and therefore it becomes important for you to say and do the right thing. As a parent, you have the opportunity to do so by making encouraging them to take challenges and offering them your guidance. Self-esteem starts developing at a very early stage and the parents play a crucial role in building it. 

Focus on your child’s strength rather than their flaws and encourage them to use their talents without being embarrassed. You must also help them to identify their weaknesses, at the same time. But keep in mind that where encouragement is good, overpraise can be more damaging than the good it does. Mix this advice with some games and activities to boost their confidence

1. Give your child a pen and a sheet of paper and ask them to list down all their accomplishments in the last year, no matter how small or big they are. Read the list with pride, when they are done. Focusing on the positivity, this activity lets the child recall all that was achieved by him or her in a year making them feel worthwhile.

2. Learning new skills can prove to empower kids. Teaching them even minor skills like gardening, cooking, doing the dishes, changing a tyre, creating a presentation, makes them feel matured and boosts their self-esteem.

3. For this activity also, give your child a pen and paper and ask them to write the words they think to describe them – both positive and negative. Then again, ask them to make a list of positive things that they did or people said about them. Take another sheet and paste the child’s photo at the centre and ask your child to write the positive words they find a relation to. You can put this sheet in their room where it reinforces positive traits about themselves.

4. Solving a problem yourself, no matter how big or small it is, gives you a sense of accomplishment. So, next time your kids find themselves in a problem, do not give them a solution at once. Let them solve it themselves or at least figure out a way around it. Doing so will help in boosting their self-confidence and esteem.

5. Ask your child to list the things that he or she is afraid to do. Once done, ask them to imagine doing the things they fear. This will make it easier for them to face their fears. Make them write the possible outcomes of trying the things they fear as it will save them from the fear of the unknown which is more terrifying than anything.

6. A child’s self-esteem is boosted quickly to a great extent when they know that they are trusted by someone. To show them that you trust them to give them a chore bearing a great responsibility. If they make a mistake, help them correct it but refrain from dwelling on it. This helps the children in improving their opinion of themselves and build their self-confidence.  

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