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A Woman Whose Life Was Ruined Because Of Having Sex...Read The Painful Story

Marriage isn’t the only factor which is the foundation of a couple’s good relationship. It is all about mutual understanding and being reliable on each other. Intimacy is something which is an added quotient to your relationship and yes, if the sex life isn’t good, there will be a lot of problems.

What is your sex life, completely depends on your relationship with your partner. But what if we tell you that, the life of a married woman can get ruined forever because of SEX?! What if your partner demands too much out of you and you don’t even wish to do it. This might be a sign of domestic and sexual abuse and you might not even realize that you’re the victim of such a horrific deed!

Here’s a very personal story of a woman named Mary and she goes on to talk about her husband’s crazy sexual demands. She even revealed how too much sex lead to ruining her marriage. Read in detail what happened with this woman...

1.She never knew much about her husband:

Since Mary had an arranged marriage, she didn’t get to know her husband very well. They knew each other for barely 2 months and immediately jumped into a marriage. Don’t you think, 2 months is a very short time to get to know somebody?

On the night of their marriage, they made love as it is very symbolic to the union of two souls. She thought it was her duty to sleep with that stranger, but now that she married him, he was her husband.

2. The Husband wanted to do something like this

As time went by, she realized that her husband is a very passionate man. They had some more crazy sex to such an extent that anything and everything turned them on. One night he told her that he wants to engage in BDSM (bondage sex). She was shocked after hearing this, but later she thought of giving it a try!

3.Increased Sex Demand

But gradually her husband's peculiar demands kept increasing. She said, “we used to have sex once a night, but now three times a day! He started having sex with me in the morning when I barely opened my eyes!”

Due to all this, she realized that her body began growing weak. She said, “I told him to STOP.” At first she thought he might have understood her inability to have sex that way, but something shocking happened right after that. You won’t believe what he said- “ Go visit a sexologist.”

4.She couldn’t fulfil his demands

After one year of marriage, she came to a conclusion that, she is not able to please her husband physically, which is why she started slipping into depression. She felt like she lacked in something and that she was useless.

5.What about phone sex?

She finally got the courage to ask her husband to have sex with her. He agreed but… he said he will have sex in the office! It is so weird, she thought but didn’t say anything further.

6.The crazy plot twist

Her husband never stopped at just phone sex, he went on to force her to use webcams. She silently agreed to it. When he came back home, they had sex thrice in just about 3 hours!

7. “I protested...but he didn’t stop”

She realized how sex was taking a toll on her marriage and her relationship with her husband. Her husband had become so insensitive to her, that he began using her as a sex object.

8. Her husband said something

But one day her husband called her from his office and said that he had to talk about something really important. He came home early from office that evening and told her about his past. He revealed everything that happened before they got married. He even confessed to her about how his ex-girlfriends too had difficulty to adapt to his extreme needs. He apologized and begged for forgiveness. But also said something that would break her heart- “ I can not control my habit.”

9.What life turned into

“We had been married for two years but we lived in the same house as strangers. Then one day I decided to strengthen myself and end this marriage.” That’s the day she finally realized how toxic her relationship turned out to be. She realized that not only is mutual understanding necessary to maintain a good relationship, but it is also important to have a good sexual compatibility.

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