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A Trip With Your Baby Is Easier Than You Think!


Who doesn’t love family vacations? So many places to go to & options to choose from, it is definitely going to be a lot of fun with your family.

Taking a trip peacefully with a baby on board may seem impossible at first. But it is actually best when your child is still a toddler! The child is exposed to a lot of things from the very beginning. 

Also, think about it:

- You won’t have to run behind them all because they can barely walk

- They eat a little so you can carry food in smaller quantities.

- Most importantly, both parents can get a hands-on experience of travelling with them and prepare for the future travels

As a team, the two of you can manage your little one and still have a fun vacation.

Not sure how? Here are a few simple tricks of travelling with kids:

1. The packing stage

- Sit together with your partner & jot down a list of everything that needs to be packed

- Double check the list at all times & check if you have taken all the baby essentials (Count the number of items you’re carrying)

- While packing, one of you can start ironing clothes

- The other can organize the luggage. This way, the work gets done efficiently

2. The travelling stage

- You & your spouse have to be prepared for a diaper emergency at each every stage (Pack an emergency bag with the essentials)

- Fill your diaper changing bag with TEDDYY diapers and wipes

- On the flight, the child needs to be kept engaged & entertained all the time. You can do it simultaneously

- Irrespective of any mode of transport, you can divide the duties amongst yourselves & take turns to do it

So, you can enjoy while on the go!

3. The outdoors stage


- Once you reach your destination, you will be on the go & get little time to rest (So make sure to be well rested before the start of the trip!)

- Make sure to carry all your TEDDYY baby care essentials with you

- Diaper changes will mostly be taken care of by the mom since there are no facilities for men to change the nappy in the washroom

- So, dads can take over the baby feeding sessions while the moms are out exploring the place

4. The hotel room stage


- You need to create that homely feel so that your little one feels safe & comfortable 

- Both parents can help set this up (Do activities which you normally do at home – Feeding, playing, get their toys, pillow) 

- Both of you should spend time talking to the baby & playing with the baby

- Make sure you also keep the bedtime same as it is at your home, so the baby doesn’t feel too much out of place

- Look out for family activities offered at the accommodation that you can do together

- Make a lot of memories! 

We recently came across this awesome campaign by TEDDYY promoting co-parenting and vacations.

This campaign aims at breaking stereotypes like - Taking care of the baby both the parents’ responsibility. Even when you’re planning a vacation with your child.
When you & your spouse work as a team, you end up having a lot of fun & a stress-free vacation. A unique experience for the child!

So, TEDDYY diapers are aiming to break that in a super cute way.
TEDDYY offers world-class products like diapers, wipes, nappy pads & changing mats for the baby’s comfort & freedom. It’s specially designed for the Indian weather, & for the Indian body type. Click here if you want to give them a try. 

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