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A Toddler Parent's Guide To Stress-Free Mornings And Cavity-Free Smiles

Raising a toddler is fun. Running after your little one everyday surely keeps you on your toes. The mornings can be especially active when you chase him to brush his teeth. But this chasing around and fuss can get pretty stressful because mornings are quite rushed. You worry about getting everyone ready on time, and brushing your child’s teeth properly takes time, which adds to your stress in the morning. But you can reduce this stress with some smart tricks that turn brushing into a habit without the fuss. It may take some time, but it will be worth it when you see your child’s healthy smile.

Here are some ways to protect your child’s smile without the fuss!

1. Plan Ahead

Wake your child up 5 minutes earlier than usual. You can use this extra time to play a fun brushing game that will get them interested in brushing. Think of some brushing games in advance, and keep what you need for these games ready the night before so that it is easier to carry out your plans in the morning.

2. Choose Your Child’s Toothpaste Wisely

Your child’s toothpaste is an important factor. Children aren’t too fond of toothpastes that taste harsh or minty as they have more sensitive tastebuds. Choose a toothpaste that is milder, like Colgate Kids Toothpaste which has Strawberry and Bubble Fruit flavoured variants - perfect to help your child enjoy brushing. It also contains the right amount of fluoride which helps prevent tooth decay.




3. Let Your Child Decide

You may try forcing your child to brush, but this has the opposite effect as they may end up with a negative attitude towards brushing. Instead, let your child see it as a choice. Keep their cartoon themed toothpaste tubes ready and ask them to pick. Whether it’s the Barbie or Motu Patlu variants of Colgate Kids Toothpaste, making this choice will help them see brushing as something they want to do by themselves. Let them pick a toothbrush in their favourite colour. These little tricks will help them feel excited about brushing.

4. Use Technology to Your Advantage

Switch up the brushing routine with different apps and tools to make the routine more fun. Does your child have a favourite song? Play it while brushing. This way, your child can brush to the rhythm of the song. This is definitely more fun than just brushing. You can try out a new app or a new song every day. Try using the Colgate Brush Brush song to encourage your child.


5. Stay On Track With A Timer

Afraid that you’ll lose track of time while trying to make brushing fun? Get a colourful timer or sand clock. You get a free timer with every 80gm pack of Colgate Kids Toothpaste. This will help you ensure a full 2 minutes of brushing with proper technique. It may also help ensure you don’t lose track of time during your busy morning routine. And children love sand clocks, so this will be another motivation point for your child!

Try out some of these easy tweaks in your daily routine to make it fuss-free, and make mornings a time of fun for you and your little one. Making brushing fun can help you build a good habit and considerably reduce the time you spend on it.

Got any fun brushing tips or hacks? Share them in the comments below!

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