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A Survival Guide For Living With In-Laws

At first glance, the idea of living with your in-laws can sound like an impossible feat that you wouldn’t wish upon anyone. The thought of them stealing every bit of your privacy, making you do chores that you never had to do earlier and arguing with you about pretty much everything - yes, it can get a bit difficult to deal with all of that. But you still have to live with them no matter how hard it may seem. So, instead of crying, cribbing and wishing things were different, how about attempting to actually get along with them? Here are a couple tips on how you can make living with your in-laws a tad bit more comfortable than you may have expected.

1. Smile and stay positive

When you assume that your in-laws are just there to make fights with you and get you all worked up, you will end up feeling troubled and worked up. You can instead give the whole situation a positive outlook. Assume that they are doing everything just for your own benefit. This way, when they ask you to do something a little differently, the way your parents may do sometimes, you would know they are saying it because they care about you. For example, when they tell you to use little less oil in your food, they are just asking to make the food a little healthier.

2. Keep distance and respect boundaries

There will be times when your husband fights or has arguments with the in-laws. This is normal and happens in every family from time to time. You should avoid picking sides when this happens to avoid any unnecessary tensions and make everyone upset. It is better to keep yourself away from the fights and wait for them to resolve it on their own.


3. Be more involved with the family

Make it a point to help your in-laws with chores and any other way that you can. Showing that you care has its benefits. Contribute to looking after the house as well - if there are any repairs to be made, get it done. Attend all the family functions that you are invited to.

4. Know when to use your voice

You should always remember that you have your own rights and that you deserve to be treated the right way no matter what happens. So if your in-laws ever mistreat you, make you feel burdened with chores or simply make you feel left out and unwanted, you should communicate this to your husband. Just be sure to say it in a way that he won’t get hurt - they are his own parents after all. He would surely help you when he knows that there is no wrong-doing from your part. If this approach doesn’t work, then it is best to talk about it directly to your in-laws. You should fight when you feel that you are being treated unfairly.

5. Make your own private space

Living with in-laws can particularly be difficult when you don’t have a private space of your own in the house. A space where you can just sit by yourself and be at peace. This can be your bedroom or living area. Make use of this space for at least 20 minutes during the day to simply clear your head out and breathe. Later you may find that you need this space to just let loose and be yourself. 

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