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A Sling Resulted In This Adorable Baby Boy’s Death

Once your little one arrives, you tend to stock up on all the baby essentials and gears, right? But have you ever stopped to think how safe they really are for the baby? In a tragic incident, a mother found the death of her baby was brought on by the unlikeliest thing - A sling.

When baby boy Eric, who was about 5-weeks old, was crying, Marianne Matthews placed her little one in a sling and went out for a little walk to calm him down. He then got hungry so the mother decided to breastfeed while he was in the sling. After a while, she found blood coming out of the baby’s nose and there was no sound of breathing. She rushed to the hospital but sadly Eric never regained consciousness. The mother recalls how quickly and quietly everything happened and how hard it was for her to digest the news that her little one was no more.

The sling was a stretchy cloth one that is usually considered very safe but wrapping the baby tightly against the chest does more harm than good. Most of these slings come with no or minimum number of instructions which makes it very difficult for mums to use them the right way. Wearing slings in improper fashion could cause difficulty in breathing or other complications for the child.

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The mom who suffered at the rate of a sling decided to spread awareness about it and how people should be more cautious before using them. Many moms tend to breastfeed their babies while in a sling because it’s convenient but there may be repercussions because of it. The sad part is that some of these slings are marketed as breastfeeding slings. Whether you’re using a sling or a carrier, make sure to read the safety labels and get a thorough understanding of how to use them rather than just winging it. Especially if your baby is below 4 months, it’s better to stay away from slings altogether. This is just one of the many infant deaths caused due to improper usage of a sling.

Of course, choosing to be cautious when babies are concerned goes beyond slings too. Always read the disclaimers of products you choose to use on or for your babies. It is always better to be safe than sorry.


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