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A Shout-Out To All The Tired Moms Out There

So many articles have been written about how moms often get tired and need to take a break. They need some time to themselves to look after themselves and to just relax. But what people don’t talk about is the reason why moms are always tired. Yes, they do all the work. But dads go to work too. So, how come they are not as tired?

This is if anything goes wrong, it’s on mommy. Even if the dads do help around, it is always mommy’s fault if something is wrong. The pressure to ensure everything is working perfectly is up to mom. Moms are always the ones to wake up when their little one so much as whimpers in the middle of the night. When the house is too quiet, moms feel uneasy and will not get sleep without checking on everything.

On weekends, moms don’t go out to chill. They head out to the grocery stores to buy the next week’s grocery supply. At traffic signals, they look up food that is safe for babies. They stock up on food that is easy to prepare.

When the baby falls sick, it is up to mommy dearest to take them to the doctor. If mom goes to work, they will have to apply for leave and stay home with her kid. When their kids start going to school, it is up to the moms to ensure they eat breakfast before going to school. They also have to make sure that they reach school on time.

Now, even without going to work, a mom’s role is quite heavy on responsibilities. They have to look after the house because no one else will. They even have the instinct to spot trouble before it strikes. Being on high alert all the time can take its toll. Now, add to it having to report to a job to help pay the bills. Moms who go to work tend to get a lot more exhausted.

Exhausted moms will keep calling home to check on the kids. They wake up early to clean up the house and prepare lunch first, then breakfast so it stays hot. They try to sneak in some time to manage work-related e-mails that come in. After getting home, they have to do the laundry, get some dusting done, and of course, prepare some fresh dinner. After everyone finishes their meal and head off to bed, moms stay up to clean the dishes and fold the laundry.

At the end of the day, moms barely get 2 minutes to sit by themselves to just reflect. All this, and making sure everything fits into the schedule of everyone in the house. The kids have to leave home to go to their preschool by 7:30 am. This means feeding them their breakfast before they go, getting them ready and dropping them off. Your husband has to leave for work at 8 am. So, you have to prepare lunch and serve him breakfast before he leaves. You yourself have to leave for work shortly after which leaves you 15 minutes to take bath, get ready, pack lunch and maybe skip breakfast.

Every mother is truly incredible. They strive so hard to make life easier for everyone that they often forget to look after themselves. Being a supermom is hard, which is why you should take some time for yourself. Ignore those who tell you that getting a babysitter or a household help is harmful. There are plenty of nice ones you can find. There is no use in being paranoid about it - it isn’t going to help anyone. Don’t shy away from accepting the help offered by family either. Take all the help you need to be able to breathe again.

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