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A Mom’s Story: Things I Wish I Knew While Choosing A Maternity Hospital

This blog was written by Super Mom Tina Basu on her website. To read the original story, click here.

As moms, we often look back to the day we gave birth as one of the most significant days in our lives - the day that brought your little bundle of joy to you.

But apart from finally holding my beautiful baby, my experiences of pregnancy and delivery were really not that good.

My friend recently had a baby and we were sharing our pregnancy stories, but she said the opposite about her experience. She worried just like me, but mostly, she had enjoyed her pregnancy and felt quite calm and confident at all times.

I asked her why her experience was so much better than mine - after all, shouldn’t most deliveries be somewhat similar? She told me that it also depends on the hospital and doctors you choose and that her good experience was all thanks to the team at Columbia Asia Hospital - Sarjapur Road, where she gave birth. She was really happy that she had chosen the right hospital for herself and her baby.

Here are some things I learnt that were different from her experience about choosing a maternity hospital:

1. Supportive OB-GYN

My friend’s OB-GYN gave her enough time and all the necessary information which helped her understand things better. So she found it much easier to take care of herself during pregnancy. It is important to find an OB-GYN who is not only qualified but also is someone you can freely speak to about your concerns.

You will be seeing your OB-GYN often, so it’s good to find one who makes you feel reassured. My friend felt this level of support and comfort only when she spoke to her OB-GYN in Columbia Asia Hospital - Sarjapur Road.

2. Care During Delivery

During my delivery, I was quite scared. Of course, it was because I didn’t know enough about what was happening. My friend, on the other hand, was also anxious but felt much confidence when the doctor and nurses cared for and encouraged her throughout the process. The team was also taking turns to be with her and regularly monitoring and reassuring her during the delivery. This, she said, made her feel safer and more relaxed knowing that she and her baby were getting the care they needed.

3. Qualified Teams To Handle Risks

While having a qualified Obstetrician is a given, she made sure that she had chosen a hospital where there were other specialists in house, who can help you handle any untoward complications that could arise. Pregnancy is stressful for the whole body, so it is possible that complications can arise at any time. It therefore helps to choose a multispeciality hospital for your delivery. I suggest that you choose a hospital which is equipped with well-maintained ICUs and delivery rooms to handle emergencies.

My friend said that her OB-GYN was able to manage high-risk pregnancies and that the team included a lot of other specialists like anesthesiologists, emergency room doctors, ICU specialists, neonatologists, ultrasound, physicians, physiotherapists and other highly qualified specialists.

4. Care For Your Newborn

Neonatologists and a Neonatal ICU are some must-haves at the hospital where you plan your delivery, especially if there are any suspected risks for the baby. The NICU team helps to make sure that your newborn is kept safe immediately after birth and is healthy. They are available round the clock to provide immediate care in case of any health problems.

So yes, my friend had it all in one place - she was so much more confident and relaxed because she had been guided correctly in choosing the doctors and hospital to deliver their baby.

When I was pregnant and looking for a hospital, I didn’t know what to look for. Of course, I wouldn’t change anything about my pregnancy, because it brought us our little one! But, I wouldn’t mind having the chance to choose Columbia Asia, Sarjapur Road next time! So that my journey can be less stressful.

So in case you’re on the lookout for a hospital, I’d say this one is a very good bet. At the same time, don’t go by popularity alone, make sure you do your research - talk to your friends and relatives, look up hospitals with multiple specialities and facilities, and make informed choices, so your pregnancy can be more about the memories than about the stress! I learnt this only recently myself, so I hope it helps you during your pregnancy!

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