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A Mom Story: Grey Hair and How True Roots Botanical Hair Tonic Helped Me Solve It

If you’re still fairly young but seeing a grey hair, you’re not alone. Did you know, 94% of young people in India say that they got their first grey hair before they turned 30! And so did I. It shocked me - how could I have grey hair already? So before you too, like me, try out a variety of home remedies that do not work, I have some information to help understand the problem and solve it from the root itself!

Why does your hair grey?


I thought I had grey hair due to stress, poor nutrition, pollution or some other lifestyle factors that were having an impact. But on doing my reading, I found out that greying depends on melanin, the pigment that gives hair its natural colour. When the melanin level drops, hair turns lighter and lighter, turning from black to grey to white. That’s when you start seeing your first strands of grey hair.

It’s Not Just One Grey Hair

When you see the first grey hair, you may ignore it because it’s just one strand. But the first grey hair appears when the melanin levels are already quite low, and it is an indication that the greying is going to spread soon. So it is important to act on it as soon as you see your first grey.

Mehendi, Dyes And Henna Are Not A Solution

It’s tempting to use hair colour or dyes, and that’s what I initially tried doing, but I noticed that the colouring made my hair rough and dry, and not only that, the new grey hair continued to grow, so I had to repeat the colouring again in just a few weeks. Because colouring does not get to the root cause of greying, the greying will only continue, so it’s important to start looking for more lasting solutions.

So Here’s How I Solved It With True Roots Botanical Hair Tonic!

Since greying is caused by melanin levels dropping, the solution would be to increase melanin in your hair, so that hair gets darker and regains its natural colour.

Fortunately, I found True Roots Botanical Hair Tonic, when I saw an ad on TV with actress Radhika Apte in it. True Roots is a botanical hair tonic by Marico (the makers of Parachute and Saffola), which is clinically proven to increase melanin and stop the growth of new grey hair with just 90 days of usage. It is natural which means no chemicals are involved. With Ayurvedic ingredients like Bhringraj and Triphala, it is sure to make your hair look healthier.

Here's How I Used It

‣ Every day, I used 6 to 8 sprays of this tonic to cover my entire scalp and then massaged it in for 2 minutes. It did not feel oily, sticky or lumpy, and it absorbed very easily. I also liked the pleasant fragrance.

‣ In a few weeks, my hair felt much softer, but I was not seeing much change in grey hair. It was making my hair soft and shiny, and since it was a dermatologically approved product, it was safe, so I continued using it.

‣ Use it on your scalp, not the length of your hair. A few times I made the mistake of applying it along the hair lengths, but since it is meant for your scalp, it’s important to avoid making my mistakes.

‣ Initially, the grey hair was increasing, but the speed of increase was much lesser than what it was before I was using True Roots Botanical Hair Tonic. The trick here is to observe this difference and stick to using it for 90 days.

So maybe my old grey hair is still there, but after around 90 days, you see almost no new grey hair. Even the old grey hair starts turning darker near the roots. As they grow out, the hair starts looking darker overall. If you’re patient and use this tonic properly for 90 days, you will see results just like I did.

And I would definitely recommend giving this a try because although it takes time, it is safer and totally worth the wait!

Visit their website, FB page or Instagram page to find out for yourself!

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