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A Kiss That Took Away This Baby’s Life

The second the baby is born, parents tend to gush over him/her and shower the baby with kisses. But it doesn’t just stop there, relatives and friends take part in showing some love for the baby too. This seemingly harmless gesture cost a baby’s life.

Eloise Lampton was born a happy and a healthy baby but just 24 days after birth, tragedy struck as the baby contracted an infection and died in the arms of her parents.

This baby girl was born through a Cesarean (C-section) and the parents, Sarah Pugh and Douglas Hampton rejoiced at the wonderful life they created. They took her home and everything appeared to be normal but just a week later, the baby had lost around 1 kg of weight so the parents rushed her to the hospital.

The doctors initially thought it was a feeding-related issue but her health began to deteriorate quickly. Before long, she was put on life support. The work of her little organs was being done by machines.

‘Everyday we’d go in there and it was devastating to see her like that. It was heartbreaking’ said the mom. ‘She was fully sedated but we’d touch her and she’d try and hold our hand. We’d have to put lip balm on her lips and she’d move them’

The doctors then diagnosed the baby with a blood infection caused by herpes simplex virus. But the parents were tested negative for herpes.

It was passed on by a cold sore which means a mysterious person that already had this virus touched or most likely kissed the baby which resulted in a devastating loss for the parents.

‘She fought right until the end. Five times in one week I was told she wouldn’t have made it. Every time she would pull through. She defied the odds and put up a very good fight’ said little Eloise's mom.

In the end, the tubes were taken out of her and the parents held the child in their arms and nursed her till she took her last breath.

The parents hope that this incident is enough to raise awareness among new parents about herpes virus and how something as innocent as a kiss could affect newborn babies. 

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