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A Kid-Friendly Routine To Keep Your Child Cavity-Free

Did you know? 2 out of 3 children in India have cavities or are at a risk for them. Milk teeth are much softer than adult teeth, making them prone to caries. Taking care of your kids’ teeth may be a challenge because of the fuss they make when asked to brush, so it’s important to adapt the routine for your kids. Just like milk teeth need special care, brushing should feel ‘special’ and fun for your kids. Here’s how you can protect your child’s smile, without the fuss:

1. Make Brush-Time Into Playtime

Your child finds brushing boring when compared to the other fun activities that they could be involved in instead. So to get rid of the fuss, making brushing fun and enjoyable is the key.

Luckily, the Colgate Kids Toothpaste pack comes with a fun, colourful 2-minute sand timer. Ask your child to start brushing when the sand starts falling, and stop when the timer ends. For further distraction, sing a song or tell a story that lasts as long as the timer to motivate your child. This will ensure your child brushes with the proper technique, which is the key to fighting cavities. The packs also come with fun playing cards, toys and stickers, so try them out for a playful brush time!

3. Let Your Child Choose

Children like the feeling of independence. So don’t force your child to brush. Ask your child to choose their toothbrush and toothpaste for the day instead. Keep the options available. Ask them to choose from among the Barbie, Motu Patlu and Batman packs of Colgate Kids Toothpaste.

You can either keep all 3 handy with you or buy a different pack each time depending on which one your child wants. The colourful packs and your child’s favourite cartoons will this give them a feeling that their toothpaste is special. It will also make them choose to brush instead of feeling forced to!

3. Don’t Skip Fluoride

The most important part of fighting those cavities and keeping your child’s teeth strong is fluoride. This mineral strengthens the enamel, which reduces the risk of caries. To give your child the right amount of fluoride, you need to pick a toothpaste meant just for kids.

A toothpaste made with the expertise of pediatric dentists will best suit your child’s teeth. Kids toothpaste has just the right amount of fluoride, and comes in fun fruity flavours like the Strawberry and Bubble Fruit flavours of Colgate Kids Toothpaste - a fun, fuss-free way to protect that smile from cavities!

Fun is the most important aspect if you want to protect your child’s teeth and stay stress-free while doing so. Your child is more likely to stick to the habit of brushing if you’re able to make it enjoyable, so try new things, and be patient. Your mornings will get much happier when their fuss subsides. Taking some time everyday to take care of your child’s beautiful smile will always be important, so do it the fun way, by adapting it just for your little one!

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