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A Handbook To Get Through Your Ninth Month Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an ecstatic adventure of a lifetime. It is a period of immense excitement coupled with a bit of nervousness. Each day of this amazing journey is full of vivid emotions wondering who is this person growing, floating, turning deep inside your womb. Although there’s a lot on your plate to take care of during the nine months of this amazing journey we are decoding the best tips to make you travel safely during pregnancy. The following are pieces of advice you’d like to keep in mind once you conceive, more like your handbook to conquer the pregnancy phase –

First month: The journey begins

The first month of pregnancy is like walking into an explored destination without any directions. You don’t know how to begin, what do and what not to do. You experience constant nausea and fatigue during this time. If you have just started your journey towards motherhood then you should not only take proper rest and nutrition but you should also stay away from negative thoughts. Avoid laziness in drinking water and eat green veggies and fiber-rich food. The first month of pregnancy is the most sensitive time and you need to have control over your lifestyle and eating habit.

Second month: A period of strange reaction

During the second month of pregnancy, your fetus starts to develop which makes nausea and fatigue quite common during this period. You might feel different both physically and mentally. If you are feeling the same don’t panic. Rest and relaxation are the winning tips during this period. Try to set a schedule for your meals and think positively. Try to maintain your enthusiasm and the hurdles will easily surpass.

Third month: New overwhelming feelings will surround you

You’ve entered into the last month of the first trimester and your body will go through major transformations. You need to have a constant watch over your weight and blood pressure and consulting a good gynecologist can do wonders. You should go for regular check up and avoid doing tenuous work. Make sure you eat healthy during this month so that your baby grows well inside your womb.

Fourth month: Time for special care

You’ve completed your first trimester and now the real journey begins. Book a series of appointments with your gynecologist as you become a part of the ‘select’ women club in the busy waiting room. You’ll experience again in your weight and your muscles and skin will start stretching. You have to be more watchful about your diet now and eating right should be your magic mantra. Start taking prenatal vitamins and invest in maternity clothing. You can also try some yoga exercises and don’t forget to be stress-free.

Fifth month: Onset of your pregnant appearance

Many physical changes are visible during the fifth month of pregnancy. Your bump begins to grow in size and a struggle of physical adjustment begins. You should refrain from lifting heavy objects and should take proper rest. Maintaining good posture is also important during this phase to avoid muscle strain in the back. Keep consuming high fiber diet to battle constipation and ensure smooth bowel movement. You’ll feel hungrier than before and will experience weird food craving. Stock up your pantry with healthy food and keep visiting your gynecologist for extra care.

The sixth month: Real journey begins

The sixth month of pregnancy is all about prepping yourself for a happy pregnancy. You’ll have food cravings and you’ll be more confused than before. You need to relax at regular interval and follow a balanced schedule every day. You may experience itchiness on your growing belly along with signs of constipation. Meditation can be a great rescue during this phase. Start eating iron-rich food and have a prenatal checkup. 

Seventh month: Huge weight on front

As you enter into the last trimester you’ll start to waddle like a pregnant woman with undetectable mood swings. You might experience abdominal discomfort and false contractions become a part of the routine. You need to have regular antenatal appointments to know the progress regarding your baby’s growth. You also need to have iron supplements and proper food so that your baby grows to the fullest. You also need to change your sleeping posture and discuss even your smallest fear with your doctor.

Eighth month: Preparation for oncoming labor

During this month you’ll experience annoying bowel movement and you’ll have a proper pregnant body. This is the phase where your waiting time runs out and you are surrounded by anxiety and stress of reaching on to the final stage. Stop being a loan superwoman during this phase and take a step back from over stressing yourself. Maintain a good posture, keep yourself hydrated and have the proper diet to combat the struggle of this phase.

Ninth month: Time for delivery

This is the last month of pregnancy and you’re ready for delivery now. Despite the approaching deadline, try to remain positive and do small arrangements for your baby like stocking up on baby necessities and keep your hospital bag ready. Your waiting time is going to get over so it’s time to recap your nutritional and health needs. Try to take as much rest as possible and stay positive to get easier labor. 

The moment a baby is born, a mother is also born. You may feel unattractive and sloppy during this phase but these super-useful tips can help you get through your ninth month of pregnancy. The grand finale is approaching. Have a happy and safe delivery!

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