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A Guide To Your Child's First Dentist Appointment

Seeing your baby’s teeth erupt is one of the happiest moments in early parenthood. Those tiny specks of teeth in their mouth mark the start of a very important stage in their development. It is with those teeth that they will soon be able to bite and chew their food and speak to you.

These milk teeth also hold space for the permanent teeth that will come in as your baby grows. If they get damaged, it can affect the health of the adult teeth that grow in their place. Thus, taking great care of milk teeth is a must.

It’s important to take your child to the dentist as soon as the first teeth erupt, around the age of 4 to 6 months. The dentist can specify how to take proper care of teeth as your child grows.

Here’s a guide to the first dental appointment you will take your little one for:

Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

Ideally, your child’s first dental appointment should happen before the age of 12 months. It should be done as soon as the first specks of teeth show up. If your child hasn’t been to the dentist and they are older than a year, take them to a dentist at the earliest.

Making It Fun

Many children get restless when it comes to dentist appointments. Prepare your child so that it is a less stressful experience for him. Speak about the dentist as a germ-fighter and tell your child stories with the dentist as a hero who keeps his teeth safe while fighting off “evil” germs!

Don’t bribe your child with treats for visiting the dentist. It’s important for your little one to see the dentist as the “hero” rather than a scary doctor. Distract your child during the appointment with the dentist’s help. Tell them stories and talk to them during the check-up to keep them calm.

Ask About Toothpaste

Ask your dentist about whether the toothpaste you use for your child has the right amount of fluoride. Fluoride helps to strengthen and protect the teeth, but your dentist can help you ensure that you only use an appropriate amount of fluoride for your child’s teeth.

And that’s why Colgate Kids Toothpaste is made with the expertise of pediatric dentists, who know all about the best way to take care of your child’s teeth. It helps ensure just the right amount of fluoride, keeping your child’s teeth strong and safe from tooth decay.

After The First Appointment

Let your child know that they did a great job on their first appointment. Start building good dental care habits like brushing every day, by making brushing a fun activity rather than a routine. After all, oral care is not just up to the dentist.

Make brushing fun for your child so that it will be easier for you to brush your kid’s teeth and ensure that they learn these good habits. You can use games, songs and videos that distract your child while brushing. Whatever tricks you try, don’t forget to make brushing fun because it will definitely make your mornings a lot easier!

Try using fruity toothpaste - dentists suggest this because minty tastes are too harsh for your child’s sensitive tastebuds. Colgate Kids Toothpaste comes in strawberry and bubblefruit flavours, which kids love, and to add to that, it has packs with cartoon characters like Motu Patlu, Barbie and Spiderman which will help you add an element of story time and fun.

Going to the dentist may be an important part of taking care of your child’s teeth, but remember that oral care is also about maintaining the habit of brushing properly and regularly. This is why it’s most important to make brushing less of a routine and more of an activity. It may be tough eventually, but your little one’s smile will surely be protected.

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