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A Guide to Help Prepare Yourself for Labour

The process of childbirth is absolutely beautiful, the pain of a few hours of labour is wiped out at the sight of your little baby. The duration of labour differs, but the process remains similar. The process is tedious which is why it is necessary to prepare yourself well in advance. These are a few things you should focus on, in order to make the process of labour fairly smooth:

1. Be mentally prepared.

Prepare your mind thoroughly for labour, be it your water breaking or the labour pain as well as contractions. Know about all the different kinds of signs that you could get before you go into labour. Prepare your mind for extreme situations. This will help you cope with anything. Be in touch with your doctor regularly for any sort of information that you are unsure of. Be prepared because labour can often cause post-labour depression and detachment from your baby, among mothers.

2. Learn about the kind of birth you want to have.

There are a number of ways you can give birth to your baby. It is important that you know all of them, weigh your pros and cons and then come to a decision. For this you must consult your doctor to give you the as much useful information as possible. You can opt for a C-section or a water delivery or a natural birth, and any one of these can be a perfect suit for you. Learn about each of them, consult your husband and then come to a decision. It is important for you to decide well in advance in order to prepare your mind for it.

3. Exercise during pregnancy.

This can help in many ways. It loosens up your tightened muscles making it easier for you to go through labour. Exercising during pregnancy is a preparation for your labour day, when there is a likelihood of you getting a muscle cramp. Regular exercise not only keeps you and your baby healthy but it also reduces stress. As your big day approaches, there is a chance of you getting stressed, and exercising can help you cope with it better. Choose the form of exercise you are most comfortable with and stick with it.

4. Pre-Register at the hospital and keep your bags packed.

You do not want to take a chance with the situation in a hospital. Pre-register yourself at the hospital of your choice and take a look at the maternity ward. This will help you get comfortable with the aura. The chances of you not getting a room in the hospital of your choice can create havoc on the day of your delivery, so try and avoid such stress. Keep your bags packed for the hospital well in advance. Keep adding all the necessary supplies into the bag until you are satisfied. Do not leave this to your husband, because you know your needs better!

5. Practice techniques to relax your nerves.

Even though the process of childbirth is beautiful, it can be quite traumatising at the same time. While you have prepared your mind for labour you will also have to do mental exercises to help keep yourself calm. You can chose to do yoga or any other mental exercises in order to divert the attention from the pain into something that keeps you calm.

Of course, your experience may be very different from what you expected it to be, but the important thing to keep in mind is that you do not have to go into labour unprepared. Arm yourself with information, keep your loved ones close and experience that special moment.

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