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If you are reading this, you probably are a pretty good husband to start with. Taking the first step is what is necessary. We present to you some fabulous tips from a marriage coach to be a better husband or even the best husband for that matter. Men, take notes.

1. She’s not your guy friend.

Although it is imperative to share a bond of friendship with your spouse, you need to realize that your wife is different from your guy friends. When men hang out with their guy friends, they tend to demean and insult each other, good-naturedly. While jokingly insulting and being argumentative is all fun and games with your male buddies, your wife may not like it. Women are NOT your male friends, always remember. You need to adopt a neutral and more respectable tone to make her feel respected and loved.

2. Do not be controlling.

We may be living in the 21st century but some men still like to be controlling and dominating in the household. And if there are two alphas under the same roof, then there is going to be a problem. Fun fact is that most husbands do not realize that they are actually being controlling, even when their wives feel otherwise. In a marriage, it is important to know how your partner perceives your behaviour rather than having your own opinion about how you behave. Being controlling may make her feel that you are trying to make her feel inferior and useless.

3. Romance.

You may think that your wife is extremely cool about not wanting cheesy romantic things, but you are misled into thinking so. While it is true that some women do not like cheesy things, they do want romance. Romance is not just about physical intimacy and sex. While men are pleased by the mere frequency of sex, women are more inclined towards the feelings and emotions side of things. While it is important to maintain a good sex life, your wife might become more interested if you did small romantic gestures towards her. It can be as small as buying her flowers or cooking a meal.

4. Listen.

When we say that communication is the key to every relationship, we do not just mean one-way communication. Communication is a two-way street and you need to listen to her. Most men say they don’t understand women; women are complex creatures and a string of other such related things. But what women really want is to be heard. More than half your problems will be solved if you listen to her empathize with what she is feeling. Remember that she is your partner and you need to give your all to become a better half of her. 

5. Time matters.

You may read and hear plenty times that quality time is more important than quantity time. This notion, although applicable in some cases, is ridiculous when it comes to marriages. It is important to be there for her at all times and support her through bad times. And support does not mean that you chastise her or show sympathy. It means that you share the weight of her problem and fight the war with her. 

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