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Becoming a mother is a surreal feeling, a moment you will cherish for life. When it comes to new motherhood, the first thing that comes to the mind is the struggles and the challenges, but motherhood is a lot more than that. There are many positive changes and happiness that a baby brings to the life of a new mom. There can be no greater feeling than waking up with the baby by your side. Here is a quick glimpse into some of the perks that fill the life of a new mother.

The mother and the baby enjoy unlimited adulation:

With the baby around, the whole family and loved ones go out of their ways to pamper the new mom and make her feel special. From taking turns to look after the baby (to give the new mom some well-deserved rest) to the dietary requirements, the care and affection are indeed noteworthy.

The baby brings a lot of positive vibes and happiness:

With a few exceptions, the arrival of a baby fills the life of a new mom with lots of positivity. The tiny tot keeps the new mommy on her toes. She gets so busy with the baby that there is hardly any time for negative or depressing thought to affect her physical or mental state of health.

Identifying the true strength:

Managing the baby may not be easy for a new mom. However, the challenges and struggles that a new mom encounters go a long way to make her stronger (especially mentally) and more focused. For some women, this period plays an instrumental role in helping them rediscover their true identity.

With the baby, the mommy also relives her childhood:

We all have a child within us. Unfortunately, the child gets lost somewhere in the everyday struggle (be it on the personal or professional front) of life. Just watching the cute antics of a baby (such as making cute facial expressions while sleeping) acts as a tonic distressing the new mom to a great extent. It unleashes the long-suppressed child within her. She does crazy stuff just to bring a million dollar smile on her baby's face.

Breastfeeding comes as a boon for both the baby and new mother:

Time and again, doctors and health practitioners keep emphasizing the benefits of breast milk. For a baby, nothing can be more nutritious than the breast milk. Breastfeeding the baby is known to do the new mommy a world of good. It acts as a catalyst elevating the production of the hormone Oxytocin. In addition to enhancing the production of milk in the new mom, oxytocin is also known to have a soothing effect on the mother, keeping her more relaxed. Research suggests that breastfeeding the baby even for a few months goes on to strengthen the bones of the new mother. It also significantly lowers the risk of breast, ovarian or uterine cancer in the lactating mothers.

Managing a baby may be a full time and often a thankless job, but it also gives a new mom the best days of her existence.

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