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It is a common misconception that Stay-At-Home Moms lead a very relaxed and comfortable life, a life where all you get to do is pamper yourself, attend parties, catch up with friends, go shopping, watch movies. But as the saying goes, " the grass is always greener on the other side". The struggles of Stay-At-Home Moms are at a different level altogether. You need to step into their shoes for at least a day to understand how their life works. Here, we will try to present a day in the life of Stay-At-Home Moms (especially those with small babies).

- Wake-up time: For a mother with a small baby, there is no fixed wake-up time. Her baby's cries act as the only alarm for her. So the wake-up time can be anything between 3 am-6 am in the morning.

- 6am-7am: You freshen up (provided the baby is in a happy mood or is sleeping). If the baby is awake, you feed him or her.

- 7am-8am: You unleash the Masterchef in you and come up with a sumptuous and healthy homemade breakfast.

- 8am-10am: Wake up time for the husband (at times, he is literally pulled out of the bed), a quick breakfast for you both and husband rushes to his work.

- 10am-12pm: Just when you thought you would relax for a while, the baby reminds you of their existence. Rush to their service. So "Me Time" becomes "Playtime" in no time.

- 12pm-1pm: Oil massage followed by bathing the baby. This can be fun or a nightmare depending on your prince or angel’s mood.

- 1pm-3pm: Feeding and sleeping time of the baby.

- 3pm-4pm: Mommy also needs to bathe and have her lunch (provided there is no interruption from your bundle of joy).

- 4pm-5pm: A quick nap won't hurt anyone. Just 15-20 minutes into some much-deserved rest, you hear your baby making some noise. With sleep vanishing into thin air, you rush to be by his/her side. Your baby is in a happy mood! Thank God for that.

- 5pm-6pm: Feed the baby if hungry followed by an evening stroll in the lawn or nearby park. You catch up with some fellow mothers. However, the discussion mostly centres around the baby.

- 6pm-8pm: A well-deserved cup of tea or coffee. However, the baby wants to sit on your lap. So you gulp down the tea or coffee as quickly as possible. With the baby by your side, you try to read a novel, but with little success. The baby is feeling sleeping. The situation is no different in your case either. With the baby sleeping, finally (in between you also fed the baby), you get some time for yourself. Suddenly, you remember that you had to send few important emails.

- 8pm-9pm: By the time you are done with the work, your husband is back home.

- 9pm-11 pm: Thank God! The cook has already prepared the dinner. You can hardly keep your eyes open. You are exhausted to the core. You somehow manage to have the dinner. In between, the baby wakes up, cries for some time and then falls asleep in your lap.

- 11pm-12am: Finally, a mom gets to relax only to be woken up by 3 am or 4 am in the morning.

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