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A Complete Guide To Sleeping During Pregnancy

One of the most challenging tasks during pregnancy is getting a perfect sleeping posture during pregnancy. During our first pregnancy, we are always perplexed how to sleep during pregnancy, which side to sleep and how many hours should we sleep for our body to nourish the baby well. Since our body is growing to support the developing baby, it gets uncomfortable sleeping, hence our regular sleeping position may not be comfortable.

Table Of Contents:

1. Problems Faced By A Pregnant Woman While Sleeping

2. Sleeping Posture During Pregnancy

3. Wrong Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

4. How Many Hours Should A Pregnant Lady Sleep?

During pregnancy, you feel tired and may sleep extra during your first trimester. This is a normal process as your body is changing to develop the baby inside you. We face sleeping problems during pregnancy as the baby inside us is growing every minute and it becomes challenging to find the right sleeping position during pregnancy.

Problems Faced By A Pregnant Woman While Sleeping

The foetus is growing every single day and thus your body undergoes a thousand of changes to support the growing foetus. It has been a very challenging task for the stomach sleeper to find a new comfortable position during pregnancy. No doctor will recommend you to sleep on stomach during pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses and you grow in size, many others problems may interfere with sleep during pregnancy.

Some common problems faced during sleep during pregnancy:

1. Frequent Urination: 

The kidneys are overworking during pregnancy as there is a huge amount of blood which needs to be filtered. Thus, the body processes a huge amount of urine. With the development of the baby, a uterus is also growing thus the pressure created by the urine on the bladder is higher which makes us pee a lot during pregnancy. It can be a problem for those ladies whose babies are active during the night time.

2. Shortness of Breath:

Enlargement of uterus takes up space thus creating a pressure on the diaphragm which leads to shortness of breath during pregnancy. Hence, it becomes challenging for the pregnant ladies to breath air, particularly in the night.

3. Leg Cramps:

Leg cramps in calf muscles is the common interference during a good sound sleep of pregnant ladies during the night. Leg cramps are caused by a hormone relaxin which loosens the ligaments of the body thus causing cramps and back pains.

Do not take stress or be anxious about your baby and your own health during pregnancy period. Avoid taking the stress, sleeping on the stomach to sleep properly for a proper rest.


Sleeping Posture During Pregnancy

In our routine life, we can sleep happily on any side but during our pregnancy, which side to sleep starts haunting as, how many hours to sleep and to. We must take care to adopt the right position to sleep during pregnancy.

The best position to sleep during pregnancy is sleeping on the side (SOS) and this is better than sleeping on back or on the stomach. Sleeping on the left side is also better than sleeping on the right side. Sleeping on the left can provide numerous benefits such as:

1. Reduces the pressure on the liver

2. Gives more amount of oxygen supply to the foetus while you are asleep

3. Your growing baby gets more nutrients through the placenta

4. Improves the overall blood circulation

5. Reduces the energy spent on drawing blood for both the mother and the baby

While sleeping on your left side, it is advised to bent your legs and knees a bit and to place a pillow between the legs.

Common problems while sleeping during pregnancy and their solutions

Even if we adopt the best and the most recommended sleeping position during our pregnancy, we may face some degree of back pain or heartburn. Following are some common problems and their solutions:

1. If you face back pain during sleep, try placing a pillow under the abdomen in SOS position.

2. If you suffer from heartburn at night, placing a pillow under the upper body

3. Shortness of breath during the last trimester is the common problem faced by all the pregnant ladies – it can be reduced by taking the support of the pillow while you are lying on your side.

4. It is also important that you must not sleep on the right side for a longer time as it creates a pressure on the liver, although, you can sleep on the right side for sometime when sleeping on the left side becomes comfortable.

Wrong Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

Sleeping on stomach

This is going to be really difficult for the stomach sleepers to avoid this position of sleep during pregnancy. As your body increases in size as the pregnancy progresses, it comes difficult to lay on your stomach.

Sleeping on back

Sleeping on the back during pregnancy can give you backaches, cause digestive and breathing problems and may also reduce your blood pressure. The blood circulation is decreased as the abdomen rests on the major blood vessels, namely, the aorta and vena cava.

How Many Hours Should A Pregnant Lady Sleep?

Usually as adults seven to nine hours of sleep in enough for our body, but during pregnancy, the body may require more rest and thus it is common to sleep for longer periods during the first pregnancy. Since everybody is different, the number of sleeping hours may vary. It is important to listen to your body and sleep accordingly as the body demands.

Tips to get sound sleep during pregnancy:

1. Do not drink caffeinated drinks such as cola or coffee before bedtime

2. Do not sleep as soon as you have finished eating

3. Sleep at a fixed time daily in the night

4. Learn some relaxation techniques to get a sound sleep

5. Adopt the habit of reading books during bedtime

Having a proper sleep during pregnancy is important as it helps the body undergo the changes and sleeping in the right position for the right number of hours improves the health of both the mother and the baby. Adopting right bedtime habits is very significant to get an adequate amount of sleep during pregnancy.

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