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A Bollywood Legend: Find Out What Sridevi Was Like As A Mother


Sridevi was truly an icon in Bollywood cinema. She held a place in all our hearts and was a favourite of many. Every woman who grew up watching her movies looked up to her as a role model. It is no wonder that when the news of her demise broke out, the entire nation was in shock.

Many Bollywood celebrities and sports star took to their social media accounts to offer condolences. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Ram Nath Kovind offered their condolences too.

Harish Iyer, a sexual abuse victim whom Sridevi had reached out to through her guest appearance on Satyameva Jayatev, had also expressed his grief about her untimely death through several tweets. His first reaction was, "She saved my life. And lost hers."

Brief Look At Her Career

She had started her film career when she was just 4 years old when she appeared in the Tamil movie, Thunaivan (1969) - pitctured above. She acted in several movies in various languages since then. Her Tollywood debut was with the movie Maa Nanna Nirdoshi.

Baby Sridevi's Malayalam movie, Poompatta (pictured above), won her the Kerala State Film Award for Best Child Artist.

She made her Bollywood debut with the movie Julie, (pictured above) which is based on a Malayalam movie, Chakrapani.

It was after she entered Bollywood cinema that she started making her critically acclaimed melodious performances - Chaalbaaz’s Na Jaane Kahaan Se Aayin Hai, Mr India’s Hawa Hawai, and so on. Chaalbaaz (pictured above) was the first movie where she played a double role. She played her role so well that it seemed like Sunny Deol and Rajnikanth were just sidekicks.

After she got married, she had taken a six-year break from the television screens, briefly returning in 2004 on the Sahara sitcom - Malini Iyer. She made several other appearances since then but returned to mainstream acting only in 2011, with the box office hit English Vinglish (pictured above). The movie received much praise from around the world with overseas gross figures of over US$4 million. Lifetime earnings of the movie currently stand at over US$400 million.

Family Life

Her career aside, Sridevi was every bit the warm and loving mother she has portrayed herself to be in her movies. The six-year break that she took was only to be there to watch her daughters grow up. When they were old enough, she slowly started to return to the screens. She was really focussed and dedicated to her work. She would often go to a separate room to prepare herself and get into character. Her kids would complain about it at first but got used to it eventually. They absolutely adore her and Sridevi loved her family more than anything else - apart from her career, of course.

Sridevi pictured above with her younger daughter Khushi (left) and elder daughter Jhanvi (right).

In an interview with IANS, she has said that her daughters are sensible and don’t ever require her to be strict. In another interview with DNA, she has said that her older daughter Jhanvi (20) was more obedient and more attention-seeking than the younger one, Khushi (17).

Sridevi pictured above with Khushi.

She has said, “Jhanvi, I feel is more like me - absolutely obedient. Both my children are extremely attached to us. Jhanvi seeks more attention from me while Khushi can manage things on her own. Though Jhanvi's grown up now, sometimes I still have to feed her. She won't eat properly at certain times so I have to make sure that she eats properly. Sometimes she tells me to put her to sleep so all these nakhras she does. Khushi has always been a very independent person right since childhood.”

Sridevi pictured above with Jhanvi.

She never wanted her daughters to be under the spotlight and this made her worried. Eventually, she realised that this is just never going to go away and taught her daughters hot to cope with it. In her own words, “I’m of course worried when they go out, but luckily, they know their limits and they are very responsible children. When you have responsible children, half the battle is over. So, you don’t have to worry. But you are concerned. The concern will never go, and you’ll always be conscious about them.” She said this in an interview with IANS.

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