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98-Year-Old Mother Moved Into A Nursing Home To Take Care Of Her 80-Year-Old Son

In a world where parents abandon their children at young ages, it was truly a beautiful moment when the 98-year-old, Ada Keaton moved to the same care home as her son so that she can look after him.

Tom Keating and his mother, Ada Keaton, share a special bond because Tom never got married and they lived together since his birth. He is, to this date, woken up by his mom with a smile on her face and a good morning. The last thing they do before sleeping is to tell each other good night. Every time one of them goes out, s/he waits for the person to come back to embrace them in a tight hug and welcome them back home. Tom recalls that Ada even tells him to ‘behave himself’. He smiles as he says that she never stopped being a mom. Ada and her late husband have 4 children - Tom, Barbara, Margi and Janet and all of them are regular visitors to the house and the nursing home.

In 2016, Tom Keating joined Moss View care home in Liverpool because he needed a little extra care and support. Just a year later, Ada joined the same home. She couldn’t bear being separated from him. The residents of the home are touched to see this close relationship between Tom and Ada. It’s very rare to see mothers and their children staying in the same care home, much fewer ones who are inseparable.

The other members of the family including the children, their spouses and grandchildren, are really happy to see the two of them back together. All seems right with the world they said.

They play together, watch TV together, read together and are never bored of each other’s company. She’s very good at looking after him so even at this ripe-old age she takes care of the littlest of things that concern him. He’s very glad that he’s getting to see more of his mom and the care home is doing their best to make sure the time spent by this mother-son duo is as special as possible. 

Photo Courtesy: Daily Mail

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