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Toddler development: 9 ways to keep your toddler busy!

Painting can while away hours.


Kids are so hyper and it might be difficult to keep them busy at all times. It might feel like they need your attention constantly. But you can change that. You can divert their attention and keep them busy for hours all you need to do is keep them fascinated so experiment with all the ways!

1. Colouring

After a point, this could get boring. You could twist things up a bit by laying out a long roll of paper across your living room and letting your toddler draw to his/her hearts content.

Save them as memories.


2. Play-doh

It’s super easy and fun to make play- doh at home which is edible. You can put in all the ingredients in a bowl and get your toddler to make his/her own dough and then play with it for hours. Just mix in water, food colouring, flour, corn- starch, salt and 2 to 4 tablespoons of oil and mix it all together.

It’s as easy as that!


3. Set up an obstacle course

You can set up a home obstacle course it’s a great way to keep your kid occupied and toddlers have so much energy that they just LOVE it. Let them help you set it up as well. Make sure to choose a place with a lot of room.

Great workout too.


4. Cooking time

Involve your child in whatever your cooking or just to make him/her feel like he/she is doing something put in a few ingredients in a bowl and get him/her to mix it. You might have to add a few things in between to make him/her feel they’re doing something important.

Cooking is a great way to bond.


5. Make a tent

You can get one of these tents or you can make a tent at home using the furniture. Or just place a bedsheet on a clothes- line, then pull the sides apart and secure it with something strong. This will fascinate your toddler and keep him/her busy.

Just make sure your toddler doesn’t fall.


6. Photo shoot

Kids are all about the technology today so you can send him/her on a photo scavenger hunt around the house.

Your kid can do it better.


7. Balloon tennis

This is an easy and fun activity on a rainy day. Just blow up a balloon and let your toddler play with it, he/she can play even by themselves. Just give them something like a table tennis bat to hit the balloon with or even just use his/her hands and it’s totally safe to play indoors, can’t do any harm to your furniture.

Are his/her nails cut?


8. Painting everything

Some children just love painting. To keep things interesting you can make paint that your kid can use to paint in the bath tub or to paint the windows or even your pavement. Let your toddler let his/her creativity flow and cleaning up won’t be much of a problem as well. All you need is flour, salt, water and food colouring.

Your toddler will express different emotions, don’t worry.


9. Read together

Reading is fun too and it’s a good habit to inculcate at an early age. Kids will not even know how much they might end up liking books. You get to relax with your book while your toddler tries reading his/hers. How much better can it get? You relax and your kid gets smarter. Win win.

Your toddler might read like this but, it’s a start.


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