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Motherhood and parenting can be a struggle to get right. In the end, though, it is a beautiful way to learn and give so much. Today, mom-shaming is abundant always when there is a new mom in the neighbourhood. Criticism from anyone is present in any form, time and place. It could be during a bhajan, in front of the school gate or sometimes in the guise of the social media!

What people forget is that there is nothing like PERFECT parenting. We should not be bringing each other down because mistakes can happen by any human being. You are a mom who will make sure she gives the best care and protection that is possible. So, here are 9 mom-shamers that you need to ignore because every mom is unique in her own way!

1. The Bored One

This is someone who has just lost interest in life. It could be a boring job, meal or routine in general. A bored one is going to target and mom-shame you so that their criticism will bring something new in their schedule.

2. The Angry One

An angry one is just frustrated of all bad things and luck in their life. The only way to not feel miserable is that they criticise someone else and make them feel as bad. Many a time this is because they feel that their anger is because of everyone around them.

3. The Jealous One

This is a mom-shamer who is just envious of what any other mom has. This could be better schedule, job or even a better skin health. It is because they feel that they do not have the same benefits - they automatically want to criticise you to try making themselves feel better.

4. The Tired One

A tired one is just overwhelmed and cannot handle all the pressure they are going through in their life. Much like the angry one, they will also want to criticise you to make themselves feel that they are not the only ones who are miserable.

5. The Perfect One

They are mom-shamers who are unsure of themselves. Perfect ones always feel like they need to bring someone else down with their criticism. This makes sure that they are at least seen as the better one.

6. The Stranger

This is a mom-shamer who will make you the most upset and surprised. To make it a little easy for you - hear them out, making sure to keep your self respect intact. You never know - you can actually have a great learning experience through it!

9. The Online One

As there is a whole open space in the social media, this mom-shamer is on a judgement train. They feel like ‘values’ and 'morals’ are what any mom should always make sure to follow when parenting.

8. The Mom

The worst mom-shamers are the ones who feel there is only ONE way of parenting. If you are not doing it right - you will be criticised.

What if it is your own mom? It may seem like she is being all wise and old fashioned - she only means well for you. So, hear her out but also let her know that your way is what you think is best for your children.

9. Yourself

You can be really hard on yourself about being the perfect mom. What if the food is not right? What if you do not diagnose that fever right? Did you change the diapers enough times in the day? If you just calm down, you will know that you always have support with family and friends.

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Ladies, motherhood and parenting is a lot of work. There is so much to do that you might make some mistakes. Mom-shaming and bringing yourself down is only unfair to any mom. At times like these, moms should support each other as much as possible.

So, it's time leave those phones and go out for coffee with a fellow mom ladies! 

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