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9 Tips to Keep Your Kids Active This Summer

9 Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

“The Sun has got his hats on


The sun has got his hats on

And he’s coming out today”

It’s summertime! The brightly shining sun outside and the end of school for the year encourages your child to de-stress, relax, be a couch potato or get hooked to screen technologies. Since it is no secret that the sun provides all sorts of health benefits, it’s about time to get your child out in the sun and keep your child active. So, here are some tips to pull your child out of the house and keep them active all day: 

1. Make a schedule

9 Activities to Keep Kids Busy This Summer

Planning a daily routine and making a schedule is the key to keep your child active and occupied. This avoids your child from lying around watching TV or playing video games simply because they have nothing else to do. Of course, it is absolutely okay to give children time to recharge their batteries at the end of the academic year - but establishing a potential summer schedule ensures that their entire summer vacation does not go to waste. So, plan a schedule depending on your child’s age, health, interests and what you have planned for the vacation.

2. Count them in while assigning responsibilities

Assigning your child household tasks will keep them active, teaching them about responsibility and division of labour. The chores need not be difficult ones and you can assign simple chores to them such as: taking care of the pet, watering the plants, helping with household cleaning, and folding laundry.

3. Maintain screen time limits

Just because it is vacation time, you can’t throw the screen time limit rules out of the window. It is healthy in every sense to keep the screen time at the bay. Stick with it most of the time, but you could offer a little extra screen time as an incentive for doing chores and helping around.

4. Focus on physical activities

Children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day, including aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities. So, think of different physical activities that could keep your kids off the couch. Try Zumba or any other workout regime together. Play basketball, volleyball or any other sports. Let your child join swimming classes and explore their interests. You should plan outdoor playtime in the backyard with other kids in the neighbourhood, encouraging social development while keeping them physically active. Encourage them to try playground workouts such as: exercising on monkey bars, swings, pull-ups on handlebars, push-ups on the ground, climbing up and down the stairs or roped steps, hanging crunches, etc. Don’t forget to keep them hydrated amidst all the fun!

5. Summer Camps

Summer camps are a great way to keep your kids engaged and out of the house. It also provides them an opportunity to meet new people and learn new things beyond the classroom throughout the summer. Based on your child’s interest, you can check out countless summer camp options. Sports, music, art, science and more - choose a summer camp which best suits your child’s interests.

6. Summer getaway

Planning and going on a summer getaway with the family not only helps you relax, but also strengthens family bonds by ensuring quality time. The summer getaway with the family could be anywhere from a short picnic to an international trip. Involve your children in the planning process of the trip, ask their inputs, let them express where they would like to go and what they would like to see/do. This would keep them active and also let them enjoy the getaway.

7. Fitness membership or sports team

Enrol your children for fitness classes or any sports classes that they may like. This is a great way to help your kids to become stronger, fitter and also enjoy their time with new people.

8. Community service

Offer service to a neighbourhood organization or nursing home. Work together as a family while doing community service. This keeps your child active and also helps him to learn the valuable lessons of humility, philanthropy and gratitude.

9. Home improvement project

Offer a mode of expression for your child’s creativity. You and your kids can paint a bedroom wall or rearrange and decorate a room together.

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