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9 things Only A mother With Vaginal Birth Will Understand.

Giving birth vaginally is a beautiful feeling. Yes, it is ridiculously painful but seeing the little wonder that pops out of you will make you forget all the pain and life seems more colorful for you. Giving birth to your baby can make you feel like a superwoman for being able to have that enormous strength to push another human out of your system.

Here are 9 things you will relate to:

1.Remember how moms scream and push the baby out in like some magical 5 minutes? Yeah, that is a LIE! Nobody can do that unless they are super humans! It takes at least 45 minimum minutes and it could go on as long as 20 plus hours!

2. Things that suddenly happen during pregnancy, labor and while you’re giving birth can be so whacky and wild. It could even get stranger than the dreams you have had while you were pregnant.

3. The unintentional sneeze and peeing combo on the toilet make you cringe now. Being able to control your bladder must make you feel really proud of yourself.

4. Sex is a far fetched dream for your partner and you. Come’ve just pushed a baby out of your system, you’re not in the mood to put something back inside your vagina. Your man will have to take a chill pill till the time you can be a freak in the sheets again!

5 Yeah, you will feel awkward after seeing the misshapen head of your baby. But eventually, you’ll just get to see that your baby’s head shape is improving and is en route to becoming normal once again.

6. Allowing random strangers to touch you because you’re sporting that massive baby bump! “Awww you’re pregnant!! When is it due?” Sounds like your pregnancy tagline now, doesn’t it?

7. Embracing the newness of your vagina can be a bit difficult because it may initially feel like a wizard’s sleeve, eventually, it regains its firmness once again.

8.There’s going to be a drought in your vagina. In simple words, your vagina will experience a lot of dryness and you’ll realize this while you’re breastfeeding your baby!

9. The embarrassment that you’ll have to face while opening your legs to a gynecologist in order to get your baby checked inside the womb. Jeez, it is so awkward!


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