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9 Things About The Vagina People Are Too Afraid To Talk About

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Even with India priding in having a strong women’s population, talking about genitals has been somewhat taboo in our society. This leads to a lot of unawareness among women, especially about their own body. These are a couple of interesting facts that one should know about the vagina.

1. Some women are born without a hymen

We all would have studied in 10th grade biology that the hymen is a small knot like structure in the vagina. After your first sexual intercourse or even during strenuous physical exercise, your hymen could tear leading to certain amount of bleeding. However, this part can be absent from your body and you won’t even know. This is probably because it has no bearing whatsoever on your sexual life.

2. The vagina can change size

The vagina expands during intercourse, known as tenting. The upper one-third of the vagina enlarges when sexually aroused. It can expand to twice it’s size during sex. This is why some of you may find it hard to wear a tampon but find that a penis of much larger size fits in with ease.

3. Nerve endings

The clitoris in the vagina has 8000 nerve endings, exactly double that of a penis. A penis has only 4000 nerve endings. This is why a female orgasm is more intense than a male one, as these nerve endings are larger in number and the effect of their stimulation is greater.

4. Odour

What you eat has a direct impact on how it smells down there. There are certain foods, the consumption of which might make your partner barf while some foods make the vagina smell and taste sweeter, for example pineapple.

5. The vagina is self cleaning

self cleaning vagina

There are numerous products making the rounds these days for genital cleansing. However, the lesser known fact is the vagina has the ability to clean itself. Regular soap and water does the trick, and these products might actually cause more harm than good. There is probably more bacteria on your phone screen than in your vagina.

6. Loosening

Contrary to popular belief, the vagina doesn’t loosen with the number of times you have sex. The muscles of the vagina can loosen due to old age or after childbirth, but not according to how sexually active you are.

7. Vaginal clamping

There exists a phenomenon called vaginal clamping during sexual intercourse. When the vagina is stimulated, it is possible for the muscles to clamp down on the penis inside it, making it impossible for the penis to exit the vagina.

8. Things get stuck

The first rule of gynaecology is that you don’t judge. So if you know that something is stuck in your vagina, it’s better to seek help and get it out rather than let it cause problems in future. This can range from a tampon to parts of a whipped cream bottle. However the good news is that it’s impossible for things to get lost in the vagina, since the vagina isn’t a never ending opening.

9. How wet you get

Things like your birth control pills can have an effect on how wet you’re going to get during  sex. Things like menopause, stress etc. have an impact on the estrogen levels in your body, which has a direct bearing on the discharge of your vagina. Sex could end up painful if the vagina is not as lubricated as you would like, in which case the use of a lubricant is extremely helpful.

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