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9 Important Advice For The New Mom From Experienced Moms

With all the excitement and expectations, a new mom also experiences a lot of doubts and fears as she advances through her first pregnancy journey. Her life is about to be changed forever and she surely is clueless about most of what’s ahead of her. This is where she needs someone who can help her to prepare herself for the next few months.

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As every pregnancy is different, not all the advice a pregnant mom gets is useful. But there are some generic ones that a new mom must be made aware of. Here are 9 important advice for new mom from experienced moms who have successfully passed all the parenting tests:

1. Study baby care books and research about everything:

A new mom needs to prepare herself with all the essential knowledge of the baby and baby care before the delivery itself. Do your research on the problems you may face especially regarding breastfeeding as this will be a completely new experience for you. There are a lot of good books that will give you everything you need to know about delivery, baby care, feeding the baby and also taking care of you.

2. Babyproof your house:

It is advised that you should babyproof your house even before the baby arrives. It takes us a while to get accustomed with the new changes in our house. Also, once the baby arrives, all of your time will be devoted to your baby and you will not get enough time to babyproof your house. So, better do all the preparation beforehand.

3. Rest as much as you can:

Pregnancy is a critical time when your body undergoes a lot of changes. Even though it is important to be physically a bit active during pregnancy, do not stress your body with lots of work. Limit the household chores and avoid taking too much tension. Take rest whenever you can and relax your mind, try to spend some time meditating.

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4. Don’t freak out - it’s natural to not know everything:

Don’t listen to everything that others say. It is natural for a new mom to not know everything, no matter how much research and study you do. Also, there will be many who’d shower you with their individual opinions and advice, many of which will end up contradicting each other. Do not get frustrated with confusion, rather follow the ones which are feasible for you and go with your natural motherly instinct for the rest.

5. It gets exhausting - but your baby’s smile will melt it all away:

Parenting is not at all easy and can get very frustrating for you, especially in the first few years. From sleepless nights for weeks to changing diapers every hour, from your baby’s non-stop crying to your relatives’ judgemental comments - yes, you can expect to experience all of these during those exhausting first few months. Don’t worry mommies, this too shall pass. Just don’t lose your patience - your little one needs your love more than anything.

6. Take all the help you can:

We understand that you want nothing less than the best when it comes to your baby. But you are no machine to work non-stop for days. If you don’t want to leave your baby with a nanny, at least get a maid to do the everyday chores in the house. Let your husband take care of the baby while you rest for an hour or two. Divide the baby duties between you and your partner so that both of you can take rest turn by turn.

7. Co-sleeping is a good idea:

Once the baby arrives you will get only a little time for yourself. Every experienced mom says that they got little or no sleep during the first two years of the baby. Most of the time when the baby was awake they were taking care of the baby and when the baby slept, they started with their chores. Therefore, try co-sleeping i.e., sleep with your baby when he sleeps. Not only will you get your much-needed sleep but your baby also will love the warmth of your touch.

8. Keep your baby-monitor ready:

You will definitely need a baby monitor to check your baby is safe when you are not with the her. If she is sleeping and you need to work in the other room, just keep the baby monitor unit near the baby and you can monitor her from distance. Baby monitors can be of different types such as audio baby monitors, baby cam (video monitors), two-way communicators etc. Some baby monitors come with music players to help your baby sleep.

9. Take as many photos and videos as you can:

Among all the running around and hectic schedule that you’re gonna get stuck in between once the baby arrives before you can even realize your baby will be a teenager getting ready for her high school graduation. Many experienced mothers regret not taking enough photos or videos of their child during the younger years. So, capture as many photos and videos as you can and keep the memory their childhood preserved.


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