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Missed periods can be a sign of pregnancy. But what if it could just be a mere hormonal imbalance and you simply got excited about nothing. What if you can check if you’re pregnant or not sitting right at home?

YES! You read that right. Unbelievable right? It is possible! Previously, in the medieval ages and the era of your great grandmothers, there were no pee sticks which could detect pregnancy. So, they came up with plenty ideas to test pregnancy at home.

Although science has come so far that it allows us to take tests easily today, but isn’t it amazing that you can use the most common things like vinegar, soap bar or even sugar to detect pregnancy!

It is quite hot among the other mommies around the world and it can also help you avoid the hassle of running to the store and buying a kit. Moreover, it is quite helpful if you don’t want to have an unplanned pregnancy.

Let us see how you can take a pregnancy test at home by using the simplest and common things available at home:

Note: Drink oodles of water in the morning before you pass your first pee in the morning. That way the urine will be concentrated and you will have accurate results!

1. The sugar test

Sugar is easily available in your kitchen cabinets. It was one of the most popular methods to tests pregnancy in the ancient years!

-Take 1 tbsp sugar in a bowl

-Add 1 tbsp urine to it

-Observe how sugar reacts with sugar in the bowl

-If the sugar dissolves, it means you’re NOT pregnant -If the sugar forms clumps… well, CONGRATULATIONS!!

-The hCG hormone won't permit the sugar to dissolve.

2.White toothpaste test

You must be shell-shocked to know that your common toothpaste can detect pregnancy!

-Take 2 tbsp of white toothpaste in a bowl

-Add the urine sample to the toothpaste

-If it turns BLUE or FROTHY it means you’re pregnant!

3.Bleach test

Don’t stand close by or inhale the fumes emitted by bleach as it will make you dizzy and nauseous.

-Collect some urine in a container

-Add some bleach powder to it and stir it well to prevent lumps

-If you see fizz and foam, you’re PREGNANT

-If you see none of that, you’re NOT pregnant

4. Soap test

Soap is the other easily accessible ingredient at home to test pregnancy. The best part is that you can use literally any kind of soap bar irrespective of its shape, color or scent.

-Take the soap in your hands

-Pee on it or pour some urine on it

-If there are bubbles formed, then you’re PREGNANT

-If not, then you’re NOT pregnant

5.White vinegar test

Another common kitchen commodity that can help you detect pregnancy at home.

-Take a plastic container and add some vinegar into it

-Add your urine sample to it and mix well

-You’ll see a lot of bubbles while mixing it. Let it set and then check for the color

-If there’s a change in the color, you’re in for the GOOD NEWS!

6. The mustard powder test

This is sort of challenging to do. You need to use the mustard powder as a part of warm soak. Since mustard is known for inducing periods, you can test it to check if you’re really pregnant or just a hormonal imbalance.

-Fill a bathtub with warm water and add 3/4th cup of mustard powder

-Jump into the tub and allow your body to soak it for at least 30 minutes.

-Take a shower with regular water post that.

-If you still don’t get your periods, then you’re PREGNANT!

7. Wine test

This is the most commonly used method to detect pregnancy. It was trending in the French, European and the Italian colonies as wine was a famous drink in those regions!

-Take ½ cup of urine and ½ cup of wine

-Mix them both

-Let it settle down

-If there’s a change in the original color of the solution, you’re PREGNANT!

8.Pine-sol test

It is a line of household cleaning products which is used to clean tough stains and grease. The accuracy of this test is commendable! It is a traditional method of checking for pregnancy and it is quite hot among women globally. It is made up of twigs, cones, needles and other particulate matter of the pine tree.

Note: Check for the color of the pine sol before you add your urine to it so that you’ll know the change in color.

-Take a small proportion of pine sol and ad the urine sample to it

-Wait for a while till the pine sol gets completely subdued in the urine solution.

-If it changes color, you’re pregnant!

9. Urine sampling test

This is the simplest of the tests. All you need to do is:

-Collect first urine in a container

-Leave it undisturbed for 24 hours

-If there’s a thin layer or lining formed, that means you’re PREGNANT!

-If no layer is formed, then you’re NOT pregnant

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