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8-Year-Old Helps Deliver Baby Sister After Mom Suffered 3 Miscarriages

8-year-old Brooke was only 3 years old when her mother had her first miscarriage. She had been waiting eagerly for her new sibling and was heartbroken when she realised that she would never be able to meet her sibling. She broke down in tears because she couldn’t understand why this happened. Her mother, Kelsey, comforted her saying that God had decided to keep the baby with himself because the baby was too precious to be sent down to the Earth.

Although her mother’s words comforted her then, Kelsey had two more miscarriages since that first one in 2014. She delivered a baby girl towards the end of 2016, much to the delight of Brooke. It was then that Brooke decided she would be there by her mother’s side for the next delivery. It was arranged so that Brooke would be able to cut the umbilical cord of her second sibling when she is born. Brooke agreed to this enthusiastically when her father suggested the idea and the doctors were informed of this as well.

Kelsey recalls the whole situation perfectly saying, “The midwife and nurses were telling Brooke just how brave she was for doing this. I pushed two times and the baby’s head popped out. Brooke prepared by putting her hands with her dads to help catch her newest baby sister, and about one minute after her head came out, so did her sweet little body. Brooke melted!”

Brooke started to cry upon seeing her baby sister. This clearly was a very meaningful and emotional experience for her. They named the baby Summer. When Kelsey looked up from Summer, she saw Brooke bawling her eyes out looking at her sister. When asked if she was okay, she stumbled over to her mom’s side and said, “Yes, she’s just so perfect!”

The world is in awe of this news. It is always such a joy to see families coming together and bonding like this isn’t it?

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