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8 Weird Things You Didn't Know About Pregnancy and Motherhood

While expecting, you probably try to know and find out everything you can about pregnancy and motherhood, so that you can prepare for your baby’s arrival. The time during and after pregnancy is a unique experience for each woman, but despite that, there are things in common across different women and their pregnancies.

Here are some unusual truths about it that will truly surprise you!

1. Your Baby Can Taste Food In The Womb

At around 21 weeks after conception, your baby in the womb can taste the food you eat and the foods you choose during pregnancy may help shape your baby’s future food preferences. The food you eat flavours the amniotic fluid surrounding your baby. Flavours like garlic and vanilla are commonly thought to be tasted by the baby in the womb, but there might be evidence that your little one gets a taste of all the food you eat.

2. Your Baby Cries In The Womb

Crying is simply the instinct of the baby to demand for food or comfort. Your baby cries in the womb, but due to the amniotic fluid that surrounds it, you can’t hear him. This may happen sometime around the 28th week of pregnancy.

3. Pregnant Women and New Moms Lactate When Babies Cry

The sound of a baby crying can cause lactation in pregnant women and new mothers, even if the baby is not theirs. This could be a reason for leaking of breasts. This reflex is called a ‘let-down’ reflex, and it usually happens 2 minutes after your newborn starts to feed. However, due to maternal instinct, it can happen even when you hear a baby crying.

4. Your Heart Grows A Little

Due to an increase in your blood volume during pregnancy, your heart works harder and grows during pregnancy. It pumps more blood so that your baby can be taken care of.

5. Your Shoe Size Increases

Most women experience swelling of their feet due to fluid retention during pregnancy. This is normal and very common. The swelling decreases after delivery, but usually, women find that they need shoes that are one size bigger, both during and after pregnancy.

6. Your Baby’s Fingerprints Are Formed Before Birth

Every individual has unique fingerprints. No two people have the same - not even twins. These prints are formed during pregnancy itself. By the third or fourth month, the ridges of the fingerprints start to appear, and by the time you are at the six month mark, the finger and toe prints have fully developed.

7. Forgetful? It's probably your pregnancy!

During pregnancy, there are lower levels of oxygen in your blood. This can cause forgetfulness during and soon after pregnancy, which is also called momnesia’ or ‘pregnancy brain.’ The symptoms wear off soon, and you’ll be as good as new in a few weeks.

8. Your Baby LOVES Your Voice

Your baby recognises your voice in the womb. Some studies have found that babies’ hearts beat faster in the womb when the mother speaks rather than when a stranger speaks. At birth too, your baby remembers and recognizes your voice. They’ll always know how much you’ve loved them all along!

Quite interesting, right? Who would have thought so much happened during and after pregnancy? Did you know any of these before? Let us know which fact you liked the most! 

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