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When your due date is nearing an you are preparing for your delivery - there is so much anxiety and excitement at the same time. In all the classes that you might be taking, the books you might be reading or what some people might be telling you - in all the tizzy, you might get overwhelmed by a lot of information you might be getting.

In fact, you may be anxious of some of the ways you are reacting when compared to what is a “rule” of labour. Don’t worry though, here is a compilation of 8 unknown facts about labour that might help you calm down.

1. Laughter

Distraction has always been a key ingredient to tackle pain in labour. You could be watching a TV/comedy show or hearing jokes. What has recently come out as safe remedy that many are not aware of is laughing gas. It has proved to be a safe option with many labours today.

2. Time

The time it takes for labour to end is different for different women and is not one time period. Many might not know this about labour but it isn’t uncommon. Some women give birth on the stretcher or on the way to the delivery room. Some even have labour at a time much more than nine months.

3. Food

Women have different reactions to food when in labour. You get only ice chips or clear liquids allowed in the labour room. While some might initially be hungry, you usually will have thoughts about food far from your mind.

4. Pain

The degree of you experience differs from woman to woman. Your genetics or just the environment you have been in - affects your tendency to react to any pain medication sometimes. Your doctor’s and your’s is the only choice to decide whether to use medication or other related assistance. This is because these might harm your baby during labour or end up creating dangerous side effects for you. In fact, your body has already started to release a few hormones to help you tackle the pain naturally. So, deciding the need for medication should be only when it is required.

It is definitely not a horror story as you might have been told. Labour is actually an easy part for you with an amazingly difficult parenting period to come in the future.

5. Baby

Sometimes your baby’s heart rate might drop, needing immediate assistance. Yet, this does not always mean there is an actual problem or danger.

6. Bowel movements

While bowels during labour is not completely unknown - it is also not seen as a natural occurrence. Many doctors say that not only is it natural - it depends on many of your individual facts whether it happens or does not.

7. Place and assistance

If you want to labour at home or at the hospital - it should not be a dominating option. Choosing a place to labour and delivery should be a safe choice according to what you or your doctor feels safe with.

8. Companion

Not every woman prefers a female presence in the labour room. On the other hand, some have a direct influence of their relationship or closeness they have with the individual. Sometimes even strangers have been able to do the trick of calming a labouring woman. Having family, a midwife or just the professional doctors are all not going to affect your labour as long as your choice is experienced as well as safe.

So, which one of these you might have not known about? Or do you have more to share? Comment and share! 

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