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8 Tips To Ensure Your Family Eats Healthier

In the busy world that we live in, it is hard for us to adopt a clean and healthy lifestyle. Most of us don’t have the time to hit the gym 5 times a week or the luxury to get a personal trainer and nutritionist to keep track of our diet and exercise. Even so, we want to stay healthy and happy.

Now, the first step to eating healthy is to ensure your family eats healthy too. The idea behind this is that everyone in the house should be on the same page and not that you have to force everyone to eat the same thing - one member in the family maybe strictly vegan or vegetarian and another member could be a “pure” non-vegetarian. They can have their food preferences, but the idea is that everyone in the family should have that desire to eat healthy.

But the tricky part is getting our kids on board with eating healthy. We can, of course, incorporate healthier food options into our diet but will our family actually welcome it? Will the kids like the taste of spinach parathas? Don’t worry, these are things everyone ponders about from time to time and if you are having trouble convincing them to eat healthy, just follow these tips:

1. Don’t tell them it’s healthy - call it a new yummy recipe!

Most children will flatly refuse to eat something as soon as it is mentioned to them that the food is healthy. So if you try to feed them a healthy homemade paratha made with multigrain atta, served with a side of sabzi, they are more likely to not try it if you tell them how healthy it is. Instead of this, try introducing it by saying that it tastes really yummy. Use expressions and tell them how it tastes. Have your partner do the same as well. This way, your child would be more excited to try it out.

2. Ask for meal suggestions

Another great tip is to get your family involved in meal planning. Have one member in the family decide what they want to eat tomorrow. The next day, someone else can decide what they want for the day after and so on. On one of the days, it can simply be mommy’s special - a dish that is decided by the mom. What is the benefit of it? You get to be creative and make the dish healthy! Let’s say one of them asked for paneer curry. You could prepare a healthy palak paneer (a curry with spinach and cottage cheese) to go with a nutritious multigrain paratha. If they ask for cutlets, you could prepare a vegetable infused cutlet coated with multigrain atta and dipped in the goodness of an egg (you could air-fry it to minimise the usage of oil). You could team this up with some brown rice with raita and call it a meal.

3. Keep a stock of healthy foods with you

This means fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy products and of course, healthy grains and pulses. On your journey to healthier living, Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains can definitely serve as a great win. This is also called the multi-action atta because of the 6 power packed grains in it - wheat, oats, maize, soya, chana, and psyllium husk - which means it is infused all the necessary nutrients - vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fibre. So,this way, you get the goodness of 6 grains in every roti you eat.

So, replace your regular atta with Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains so you and your family can enjoy tasty and healthy chapatis every day.

4. Keep healthy snacks in the vicinity

When your kids come to the kitchen or dining room looking for snacks, it doesn’t help if you always have unhealthy items like biscuits and candy bars lying around in plain sight. Instead, you should keep healthier food options like fresh fruit (banana, orange, apple) in a basket out in the open. This way, your kids will be more likely to grab a banana when they want something sweet. You should also leave other healthy snacks they can grab on the go, like baby carrots, cucumber, tomatoes and capsicum. You could slice them up and store them in little boxes so that they can simply sprinkle some salt and pepper or just eat them as it is. You could even offer them a tight, hot chapati roll with jam or chocolate spread if they ask for a sweet treat. If they want something spicy or salty, you could offer them a spicy homemade multigrain veg/paneer/chicken roll.

5. Avoid eating in front of the TV

It is a well-known fact that eating together as a family encourages healthier eating habits. But eating in front of the TV would mean that nobody is really concentrating on their food - what they are eating and how much. So, when you are eating in front of the TV, you would end up eating more than you require. When you sit at the table together, the kids will be more observant as to what they are eating. They may even ask questions like where they grow the vegetables or what wheat or oat grains look like before milling. This would get them more interested in food and enjoy the meal even more.

6. Portion sizes on a plate

One of the most important steps toward a healthier lifestyle is to watch their portion sizes. A cup full of protein (dal, paneer or meat), half cup of carbohydrates (equivalent to 2 homemade rotis) and a cup of vegetables (a mix of starch and vitamins).

7. Eat before eight, after is too late!

As a rule, always have your dinner by 8 pm. This will give you enough time to digest the food and relax before you sleep. If you have it after 8 pm, the problem is not just with digesting the food – it can cause you to eat more than what you require.

8. One step at a time

Don’t attempt to completely modify the family diet at one go - it will just not work. If you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle that will actually last for a long while, you should try and make small simple changes gradually. Say, for week one, you could reduce the amount of oil used in preparing your food. For the second week, you could opt to reduce the amount of sugar you use in your cup of tea and in the third week, you could completely stop using sugar in your tea. You could also start replacing the regular wheat flour with Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains, today!

Now, keeping all of these things in mind is great. To achieve your healthy family goals, you should ensure that you have the necessary healthy food stock. So, what are you waiting for? Start living healthy now and order Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains now!

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