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7th December 2016  •  4 min read

8 Things To Miss About Being Pregnant

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So. Pregnancy right? First you're all excited about it… then all the issues start. The morning sickness gets to you, your feet start hurting, you feel bloated, heavy, tired, etc. Basically, as beautiful as it is, you assume you aren't going to miss it when it's over. You assume that once you pop out your baby, your body can be relatively at peace. But here are some things you probably are missing about it or will miss about it (as crazy as that may sound for those of you pregnant readers out there):


1. Smiles

When you're pregnant, everyone adores you! From random strangers to that weird little niece you have, you get thousands of smiles every day. In my opinion, the power of smiles is underrated so it's quite overwhelming, the effect that these smiles can have in reshaping your entire day and mood and lifting your spirits.


2. Attention

Wherever you go, all eyes are most probably on you, when you're pregnant. Everyone's always talking to you, asking you questions about you and the baby, and looking after you (enough to make any wife or girlfriend jealous). Once you have your baby, you get so wrapped up in the flurry of activity that you lose out on observing and assimilating these things, even though your baby still gets a lot of attention.


3. Being taken care of

Would you like some water? Maybe juice? How about a foot rub? Shall I make you some dinner? Run you a bath? Being pregnant also means that along with you taking care of the life inside you, everyone you know gets to take care of you. More than any obligation, a lot of them want to help out and make sure your pregnancy is all smooth sailing.


4. Food

Being pregnant means eating food for two. It also means you're allowed to give in to your cravings (as long as you keep a check on the size of the portions you eat). Since there are two of you now, you burn more calories and this means you get to eat more food. It also means that people don't judge you when you pig out on cake and pizza (although, I would not recommend doing that). Sadly, once the bun is out of the oven, it becomes socially unacceptable to eat food for 10 people.


5. Skin

One thing you'll hear more than enough is how much you are glowing and how radiant your skin is. During pregnancy, the blood circulation in your body increases which gives your skin a rosy glow which you'll probably miss after pregnancy.


6. Bye bye periods

For plus/minus 9 whole beautiful months, you get freedom from the torture that is Lucifer's waterfall. Putting the melodrama aside, 9 months of not having to deal with bleeding out of your privates is quite refreshing.


7. Perks

Oooohhhh the perks. All the things you can get out of or get into just by saying you're preggers. That you will going to miss so much. Everyone offers to buy you things and get up from their seats for you. Everyone is nicer to you. You get to park in the handicapped parking spots. You'd probably get a lot of upgrades when it comes to hotels, flight tickets, restaurant reservations. You name it, it's yours.


8. Kicks

One of the most beautiful experiences and feelings in this world is feeling those tiny kicks, punches, and hiccups, courtesy of your temporary guest. That's something you can only feel when you're pregnant and it's something you'll remember and miss forever. It makes you realise how delicate your situation is and the beauty of pregnancy and the ability to create life.

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