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8 Things Nobody Tells You About The 'Female Orgasm'

1. International Women's Orgasm Day!

Believe it or not, there is an actual day for the woman's orgasm! August 8 is celebrated as International Women's Day. This was done with a purpose to tell women that an orgasm is a natural thing, and to eliminate it as a social taboo! This would allow women to talk about sex more freely and if faced with any problem, to talk about it openly with doctors and experts.

2. The Source

Unlike what everyone else thinks, the orgasm doesn't just originate in your down below! Women can feel an orgasm even while doing their daily chores as well. Something as insignificant as touching a specific point on your eyebrows can cause an orgasm. In fact, you can even have an orgasm just by thinking about it!

3. While Giving Birth To Your Child

This might seem insane to you, but some women actually feel an orgasm while giving birth or during delivery! This might be because of all of the movements that happen near your genitalia while giving birth. Sometimes even when you do experience an orgasm during childbirth, it is overshadowed by the unbearable pain.

4. Brain Activity

There is a point during sex when you orgasm and then climax, during which a part of your brain is frozen for a while. This part is located just behind your left eye, and is responsible for body control and thinking. This is the reason you can't focus during a climax!

5. Takes Away The Pain

Experiencing an orgasm has the same effect on your body as taking a painkiller. The hormone Oxytocin released during an orgasm relieves the stress and pain in your body. The orgasm can actually relieve the pain of everything from arthritis to sprains.

6. Different Orgasms!

All women don't experience orgasms the same way. It is not just sex that makes women feel an orgasm - most women also respond to stimulation by the hand or mouth. Don't hesitate to share your likes and preferences with your partner!

7. It's Not Like How They Show In The Movies

All orgasms are not as pleasant as they show in movies. You're not always going to say "Once more!". It's more likely that your orgasm will relieve your stress rather than make you happy.

8. Environment Matters

A woman's orgasm depends on more social factors than that of men's. The environment, the pressure, the compatibility - all of these bear an effect on the orgasm a woman can have. For some women, the social conditions they live in may prevent them from enjoying an orgasm at all.

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