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8 Strange Facts About Pregnancy That You Are Not Aware Of

Pregnancy brings with it several magazines and fat books explaining the entire phenomenon. These books give you pages and pages of information which may take weeks for you to process. This information is topped by advice from your mother, mother in law, aunt, cousin, best friend and anyone who feels even remotely comfortable discussing the subject.

While it is extremely important to know what is going on with your body and what to expect when expecting, you should also take out time to dwell on the more fun aspects of a pregnancy. Some things about pregnancy are somewhat strange, not all books may list them.

Here are a few strange facts about pregnancy:

1. The Amazing Uterus

We don’t ever trust balloons to expand to their full size and hence always blow them a little lesser than necessary. But you will be surprised to hear how amazing your body, especially your uterus. The female uterus deconstructs and reconstructs all over again every single month during the menstrual cycle. During pregnancy, the uterus which is usually the size of a lemon expands to about the size of a watermelon or even more, in some cases.

2. The Pregnant Dad Phenomenon

When moms are pregnant, fathers can go through certain symptoms of pregnancy themselves (in spite of not being pregnant). Some men even experience increased body weight or morning sickness during the duration of their wives’ pregnancy. This phenomenon is known as sympathetic pregnancy or Couvade syndrome.

3. Contractions After Birth

Sounds painful? Don’t worry it is not. After the effort put into labour, your body takes time to calm down from all those cramps and contractions. While calming down, you may experience contractions for some period of time even after giving birth, but you don’t feel most of them since you are woozy from all the drugs that they give you at the hospital.

4. Longest Pregnancy

Some babies might get too comfortable in their mothers’ wombs and may not want to come out even after the 9th month. The longest pregnancy on record lasted for 375 days, which is more than a year. So, don’t worry if you still haven’t had your baby after the 9th month - good things take time.

5. Mothers Have A Big Heart – Literally

During pregnancy, the mother’s heart grows bigger in order to pump more blood and with greater efficiency throughout her body. The blood in her body increases by almost 50%. Pregnant women do not just have a big heart figuratively speaking, but also quite literally.

6. Babies Pee In The Womb And Then Drinks It

Sounds gross, right? Your little ones pee in the amniotic sac and then go ahead and drink it. But this fluid happens to be sterile so it does not really cause any harm to your little one.

7. The First Cry Is Not Really First

Apparently, babies have quite a lot of practice of crying even before they are born. 4D scans have shown that the frowning and breathing patterns of certain babies indicate crying while in the womb.

8. Heartburn And Hair

If you are having recurrent episodes of heartburn, you better start investing in some good hair products for your baby. Many studies have proven that women who experience heartburns have a higher chance of having babies with a head full of hair.

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