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8 Signs You Have The Best Husband EVER!

He might be the your best friend, your soul-mate, your everything - heck, he’d rather be the most irritating thing ever happened to you, the most redundant, obnoxious identity of a man: but if he’s the best partner for you - congratulations you’re in for a treat of a life.

How would you know that?

Well, we’ve collected for you the 8 best signs to know, if he’s the best - for you.

1. To win that heart of yours, he keeps toiling

Romancing is an act we all love whether it’d be for any phase of your life. And to attain that, you depend on your man. Be it a surprise early home visit, a surprise early morning breakfast or a dim-lighted candle dinner - he’s always keep coming up with ideas. To win that heart of yours, time and again. And trust me, you’ll be amazed to see the honesty he puts in his efforts - if he’s really the ‘best’ man for you

2. He’s a listener

hold hands

Trust is an important factor in marriage. And if he trusts you with his problems and takes in your suggestions and advice, if any, you guys are in for a strong bond. It shows he values your advice, not just discards it without a second thought. It builds a good foundation of solving problems with each other, side by side.

3. He adores you

A little extra praising is always appreciated. And if he does that, if he keeps talking about you, bragging about your qualities to his friends, to whoever he meets - that’s adorable. The best feeling is when he knows you’re not listening and you overhear him saying that he is lucky to have you as his wife.

4. He tries and hold you, often


A simple act of holding the hands, shows the care and consideration without even saying a word. He will do it often. Just to let you know, that he’s there, for you, all the time. You feel safe with him.

5. He won’t do ‘things’ that’d presumably would irritate you

A mature person understands not to talk about, “that time of the month”. Rather than mentioning it occasionally, he would try and understand your feelings. Try and a talk to you, comfort you with his loving words. Even give you a little belly massage - if that gets it going for you.

6. He cleans up

Be it dishes, or the toilet - your man should be ready to dirty his hands. The small act of staying with you for that little extra time, cleaning the dishes alongside often brings a smile. To extend the goodness of your man, he might surprise you one day - with a clean toilet seat.

7. He eats, laughs with you

Though your cooking might not be the best, your jokes - they might be redundant, but he’ll still find pleasure in them. He will try and laugh about the things you can relate to while also making you smile. He will praise your cooking like it’s the best he’s had, like it contends him - for all that matters for him, is that smile on your face at the end of the day.

8. You are a better person, with him

Your husband might not be perfect, in many ways, but one thing you should remember. If he’s putting in the efforts to make you smile, it inherently makes you want to be a better person. The dedication, the thought process, the enormous planning that goes into bringing that smile, is somewhere acknowledged.The honesty - accepted by your mind and heart - and the best version of yourself, is right around the corner.

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