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8 Signs You And Your Hubby Are A Perfect Couple

We’ve all come across couples, whether it is in images or real life, who seem to do the sweetest things together, making us exclaim, “ Aren’t they just perfect?”. However, chances are that you and your spouse could be that perfect couple too. Not with the places you travel together or the pictures you put up, but by the way you are with each other, which is all that matters at the end of the day. For this, be sure to look out for these signs in your relationship.

1.You make time for each other

Everyone is busy with the pressures and load from work or the unending household chores. However, spending those few minutes with you partner could lift that load off, even if it’s just for a while. You know the both of you are equally important to each other. So, if you take time out to just be with each other, even if it is to do a simple task like grocery shopping, you definitely share a healthy bond.

2. You say what you mean and mean what you say

With you two, there is no need to tip-toe around your feelings and thoughts. Whether it is about major decisions like buying a house or even a minor one like changing the TV channel. You two tell it like it is or even fight it out if you have to. There’s no passive-aggressiveness in this relationship and arguments are often outright blunt. You know you can’t read each other’s minds and hence you tell each other straight up what you’re thinking or feeling. You know doing this makes your relationship much more healthy than any other couple who feel the need to conceal their feelings.

3.You often share each other’s goals

It’s you two against the world. You often have long talks with each other about your dreams and goals, and if you are the perfect couple, you support, encourage and guide each other to achieve these goals. Whether it is to start a new business venture or have your dream house, you will work together against the tide to attain that goal.

4.You don’t like playing the ‘blame game’

You work with your partner and not against them. You rarely like placing blame on the other but rather find ways to get through the problem gracefully. You don’t want to put your spouse down or stunt their ego by blaming one another for every little thing that goes wrong.

5.Your spouse’s problems become your own

Adding to the previous point, empathizing with your partner and sharing your grief is sometimes all you need to take the load off. You don’t want your partner to feel down, simply because seeing each other like this makes you feel the same. Hence, you work toward removing each other's sorrows and replacing it with nothing but joy.

6. You are intimate about everything

A relationship is not all about sex. Of course, a healthy sex life is an essential part of a healthy relationship but you two often share intimacy in more ways that just in the bed. In fact, you share emotional, intellectual, and spiritual intimacy simply in the connectedness you feel with each other.

7. You don’t let outsiders dictate your relationship.

You pay no heed to what other people have to say about your relationship with your partner. Moreover, a relationship is often much more than what meets the eye of the outsider and you know that. It is you who decides what happens in your relationship and how things should play out. You don’t let outsiders make comments on your relationship nor will you let them make the decisions for you.

8. You make each other better

An individual is on a constant journey of self-improvement. However, you two facilitate this process just by being with each other. Do you often get the feeling that you are a much better and happier person once he/she came into your life? Well, then chances are you are what each other needs. Some term this as being each other’s ‘soul mates’.


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