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8 Pregnancy Related Questions You Are Too Afraid to Ask But Should Be Asking Your Doctor

Women come across and read numerous books on pregnancy as well as the things related to the phenomenon. Unfortunately, though, these books do not tell mothers all there is to know about pregnancy, gestation, birth and motherhood. There are often some sensitive topics that books and surprisingly even doctors avoid that actually need to be openly spoken about.

This is the reason why pregnant women are advised to talk to:

- individuals or professionals

- who have either already been through a pregnancy or are greatly experienced dealing with pregnancy

Thus, you tend to get a better and the best understanding of all aspects in pregnancy.

To begin with, prepare a list of questions that you have and then start doing your research. Most valid answers will be able to easily found on the web or in the books that you are reading about pregnancy. If you do not find some answers, don't think that your questions are stupid. You should ask them irrespective of how silly you feel the question is. Here are 8 generally feared questions that pregnant women avoid asking but should know the answers to:

1. Will my bladder be out of control?

In the later trimesters, yes. Most women are too embarrassed to ask this question but it is a perfectly genuine question that needs answering. The closer you get to your due date, the harder it will get for you to control your bladder. This is because the growing fetus will put a lot of pressure on your bladder. Even post giving birth, it may take some while before your bladder comes back to its normal condition. To improve the condition of your abdominal muscles, you can perform kegel exercises. 

2. Will my vagina get stretched out?

The vagina is a muscle in the body with a lot of contraction capacity. It literally stretches so as to make way for a baby. Likewise, it will also go back to its normal form after some time. You can perform certain exercises to help speed up this process. This will strengthen your muscles.

3. Does intercourse hurt after giving birth?

Since you did just give birth , yes it might initially pain. However, with time and as your body normalizes, following your doctor's instructions you should be fine. Your hormone levels will also have changed which may take some time to go back to normal. Therefore, give yourself some time before you have inercourse.

4. Is it normal to have heavy discharge during pregnancy?

Yes. Your hormones will surge as you progress with your pregnancy. There will also be a noticeable increase in your discharge. However, if your discharge is itching, burning or has an odor - visit your doctor immediately.

5. I have a lot of gas and indigestion issues. Is this normal?

This is completely normal. Coupled with changes in your hormones and the baby's growth, digestion will be a little more difficult than usual. Thus, this can be the cause of a lot of gas issues. Since this is usual, you do not need to be ashamed of it.

6. What am I going to do if my water breaks when I am sleeping?

You do not need to worry about this at all. Your body is made in a certain way so as to help you know when you need to be on high alert. They don't call it labor for nothing. You will know when your water breaks, even if you are in a deep slumber.

7. Is there any medication if the pain gets too much?

Most women do not ask this question because they think they are entitled to pain due to their pregnancy. However, you should know your threshold and you need to identify when to go to the doctor. Just remember that all pain is not good pain. If something is bothering you too much, act upon it immediately.

8. Will I pee on myself while giving birth?

Bladder and bowel movements are quite unpredictable during delivery. If your bladder is full during the time of delivery, it is quite possible that your muscles might go out of control and release themselves. Again, this is perfectly normal.

There are a lot of questions related to pregnancy that you will still keep ansking till the very moment after you give birth. Pregnancy is a unique experience for every mother and it is good to be informed. Just know that with time, you will know all there is to know or all that you need to know about pregnancy and motherhood!  

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