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All mums and dads have risked being mistaken for being loonatics, you have all been caught red handed in the act, running behind your little ones with the best professional camera you could get in a bid to make memories forever. Here are 10 epic clicks you need to take!

1. Back to the beginning

Your baby’s journey started with the warmth of the womb and you need to capture this special moment. ( Image Courtesy: Filmdeewane, Bangalore)

2. Sibling Shot

It’s magical to see your first born and your newborn baby bond and connect with each other. For all the sibling fights and mischiefs of the future, let this be your source of peace. (Image Credits: Little Dreams , Bangalore)

3. The Baby Bum

Because they are just so cute! (Image Courtesy: Wonderkids photography, Bangalore)

4. The one in Daddy’s Hands

This will melt your heart! Your babies will forever be your babies. Enough said! (Image Courtsey: Babay Grafy, Bangalore)

5. Serene Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping angels, you babies paint the most serene picture as they lie down for a nap. Capture this tranquility. (Image Courtesy: Parul & Ankur Photography, Bangalore)

6. The Family Shot

Your baby is the one that completes your family, you ought to have family portrait with your angel. (Image Courtesy: Tiny Takes, Bangalore)

7. One with their best buddy

All kids have a favourite toy that's their source of comfort . Capture this special bond for sure! (Image Courtesy: Foto Hubb, Bangalore)

8. The Baby Portrait

Because you got one and it's a must .( Image Courtesy: A Shot, Bangalore)

You know your album is missing these fantastic clicks, call any one of the photographers from our special list of curated ones. These photographers will come right to your doorstep to take adorable pictures!

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