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8 Inspiring Celebrity Post Pregnancy Tips

Maintaining a good health even after pregnancy is equally important. Here are 8 inspiring tips from Celebrity moms about post pregnancy as well as general good health.

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Celeb moms are the deal models in your life.They not only just give you entertainment but help you in maintaining good health and fitness.

Although Mother's day has gone, it is still important for mothers and women to keep healthy all year round. Some fitness methods maybe extensive - but there are enough easy tips that you can continue to use till an older age. The latter is an example you will be surprised and inspired by in the below compiled list

1. Malaika Arora Khan: the ultimate package

With a diet 6 and no skipping in between, Malaika Arora Khan is the ultimate fitness package. Malaika exercises from a high intensity workout to even simple aerobics, yoga and dances that you can easily try out in your health regime.

2. Usha Soman: there is no age to maintain fitness

This boss lady of 78 runs marathon and worksout including impressive planks. Usha tends to walk 5 kms everyday and eats home-cooked meals only. Now if this simple regime is not an inspiration then what is?

3. Ayesha Shroff: weight loss champion

At 56 years, she does continuous intensive training. While it maybe a bit much for many of you, Ayesha’s fitness regime will inspire you to start your own little health lifestyle.

4. Kareena Kapoor Khan: a fab mommy

Kareena has made the humongous task of pregnancy look like something that is achievable for any new mother. After losing 18 kgs, she has always been open to share about the little things you can easily do to keep that glow even post pregnancy.

Kareena’s calcium replenishment happens with daily milk and 20 to 30 minute walks on a treadmill. With a strict diet, high intensity workout and following a walking schedule everyday - this fab mommy gives enough ideas to remain fit.

5. Pinky Roshan: multitasking health and life

After losing 25 kgs in the last four years with high intensity workout, Pinky is another strengthening example to decide on your feasible fitness regime. What is even better is that she is an inspiration to have the amazing companionship of your child like she had her son Hrithik.

6. Neetu Kapoor: less age and more health

At 58 years, for Neety fitness is most important. With a mixture of high intensity workouts, strict diets and kickboxing - Neetu has removed the stereotype of looking at age to remain fit.

7. Shilpa Shetty: fit and fan at 42

Shilpa is another example of there being no right age to keep healthy and lose baby weight. She continuously practices ashtanga yoga, walking and cycling. With a high intensity workout, she maintains her weight even better.

8. Twinkle Khanna: master of parenting and fitness

Going the natural way, Twinkle is the ultimate example of natural and easy fitness regimes. She continuously meditates, walks and has strictly healthy food.

Want to see these celebs in healthy action? Watch inspiring videos of the star moms keeping themselves fit here!

Happy exercising and fitness ladies! 

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