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8 Fun Summer Time Activities For Your Child

Summer is here and so are your kids’ vacations! Along with being busy with the usual household work that you do, you might also feel the pressure of your little ones constantly asking you for ways to end their boredom. Hearing your little one say, “Mumma, I’m bored!” is probably becoming a habit.

But don’t worry. To keep your child busy and your summertime stress away, we worked with the team at KLAY Preschools and Daycare to put together a list of activities for your little one this summer!

1. Make Ice Cream Together

Nothing says summer like ice cream, and to make it a healthier treat, you can make it at home with your kids. Simply buy a few popsicle moulds! Start with fresh fruit popsicles - chop and freeze together fresh fruit in the moulds for a cold and sweet treat that’s also healthy and hydrating for you and your little one.

If your kids want to experiment more, you can always try a banana base with other fruits like mango, blended and frozen for a creamier treat! Either way, the kids will love the process as well as the anticipation of eating ice cream that they made all by themselves!

2. Create A Pillow Fort

Considering that it’s too hot to play outside, you can set up a tent for your kids in the house itself. If you already have a camping tent, simply open it up and help your kids decorate it with lights, pillows and more! If you don’t have a tent, your kids can have an even more fun time of building a pillow fort in their room. Gather all the pillows, cushions and sheets in your home and allow them to decide on the shape and size of their fort! It will be their own personal space for the summer!

3. Make Time For Outdoor Play

Keep your kids out of the noon and afternoon sun as this is when the temperatures are the highest. Instead, ask them to plan their outdoor playtime with the neighbourhood friends for late afternoon and evening. This will help keep them safe from problems like heat rash, sun stroke and dehydration. Playing outdoors and involving in sports is extremely important in every season, as it gives your kids adequate exercise to keep them healthy.

4. Grow Indoor Plants

Gardening is a great hobby and great exercise, but in the summer, it can be too tiring. It’s better to put your kids in charge of small plants that can be kept indoors. From bamboo plants to small cacti, your child can find a few minutes in their daily routine to make sure their plants are watered and are receiving enough sunlight. They can track the growth of the plant and at the end of the summer, show their friends how much their plants have grown!

5. Pick Some Board Games

Board games these days are becoming more and more fun. When your child is 5 or above, these make a great way to keep them busy. Invite their neighbourhood friends over and take turns with the other moms to host the kids when they decide to play these games. These games are a great way to boost kids’ thinking power in a fun way!

6. Swimming

If your kids are 5 years or older, finding them a good swim lesson is worth the money. Helping your child learn swimming is not only a way to ensure fun for them, it also helps ensure adequate exercise. Swimming has also been linked to helping improve immunity against frequent cold and cough, because the initial cold and cough your child will have will help them build immunity against future infections. Look for a swimming class with lifeguards and instructors, which is near enough to your home or office.

7. Plan A Movie Evening

Movies are a great way to help your child learn while also keeping them engaged. And if you are watching together, it could be a great way to spend quality time as a family. Plan it with your kids - ask them to select the movies. Allow them to help you get snacks like popcorn or juice ready a few minutes before you start watching the movie. Make this a weekly plan during the summer so that your little one’s screen time is kept within the limit.

8. Find Summer Classes

Finding some craft, dance or music classes to keep your child occupied for at least half the day can help make summer a less stressful time for you, especially if you are a working mother. This is where KLAY has the best answer for you - with their “A Slice Of Summer” summer camps, which will keep your little one engaged with the best of activities like music, sports, stage and so much more! This will help them involve in the most fun activities while helping them grow and learn more! This summer, let your child experience summer the KLAY way!

No matter which of these your child prefers, know that there will always be ways to keep your child engaged in the summer. The goal is to limit the time they spend in front of the television and other screens so that their body and mind is more active, which will help them grow and learn during the summer. Lastly, don’t forget - summer is all about a fun way for you to enjoy some quality time with your family!

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