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8 Food Combinations That Can Be Harmful For Kids

Is your kid suffering from digestive issues even though he is strictly following your “homemade food only” rule? Well, this may be because of the foods that you are combining to prepare his delicious meals, do not go along so well. While all healthy food items may contain essential nutrients required by your kid’s growing body, combining them may not be as fruitful.

Why eating wrong food combinations can be harmful?

Every food item is made of particular nutrients or substances that vary in types and amount. Combining two food items with substances that do not compliment each other, may cause unfavorable reactions in our stomach. Your kid’s stomach is still developing which means that it is not matured enough to digest everything an adult stomach can. So some these unfavorable reactions can have severe (even poisonous) effects on kids.

Here are few food items that that can be harmful to kids:

1. Milk and bananas

Who knew right? Two of our favorite, nutrient-rich breakfast items, milk, and bananas, are too good to be together. Together they become a very heavy meal that your kid’s stomach may not be able to digest so easily. The heaviness also causes lethargy, making his mind work slow.

2. Eggs and bacon (or any meat)

Basically, any two foods with high protein contents should not be mixed. This much of protein is too heavy for your little one’s tummy to digest. Due to the slow digestion of protein, your kid may experience loss of appetite, indigestion etc.

3. Fruits with or after a meal

Fruits should never be eaten with or after a meal. Fruit alone is easily digested and absorbed in the intestines. But when it’s combined with meals, it stays in the stomach for a long time and the starch or sugar in it starts to ferment. This process can damage the walls of your child’s intestine.

4. Liquids with meals

Does your little one need a glass of water by his side to swallow down his food? You need to stop this habit immediately. Liquid goes down the food pipe (esophagus) easily, washing away all the digestive enzymes required for the digestion of the solid food. Having liquid with or right after the meal can cause bloating, indigestion etc.

5. Cheese and beans

Even though we totally love Mexican cuisine and can’t resist the temptation, we end up regretting the very next morning. Cheese and beans, a very common combination of Mexican cuisine, do not sit quite well in tummies with a weak digestive system. It can cause gas, bloating and other digestion related problems in your child’s stomach.

6. Citrus fruits and milk/ dairy products

Avoid combining any sour or citrus fruits with milk or any other dairy products. Milk, on its own itself, takes time to get fully digested and when it is mixed with sour fruits, due to the acidity it curdles. It diminishes digestive fibers and causes heat burns and gas in your child’s tummy.

Also, yogurt contains bacteria which act on the sugar present in the fruits and causes the production of toxins. This can induce your child’s body to develop sinus congestion, cold, cough, and allergies.

7. Protein-rich and Starch-rich foods

Protein and starch require different enzymes as well as different acidity levels for digestion. Combining both into a meal is not a good idea as your kid’s body will end up producing enzymes for protein digestion only.

The undigested starch will get fermented and decomposed into poisonous end-products. While these end-products may cause an adult stomach gassy or bloated, it can have severe effects on a kid’s immature stomach.

8. Mint and aerated drink

Just drop a Mentos into a Coke bottle! You must never allow your child to have mint with or right before/after having any aerated drink. Combined in the right proportions, this mixture can result in cyanide which is known as one of the deadliest poisons.

Your kid’s tummy can only digest so much! Give him foods that are easy to digest and do not sit heavy on his stomach. Also, if your child develops an allergic reaction to any food item, then strictly avoid giving him that.

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